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Metro Exodus - Uncovered Xbox Series X|S



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60 fps is good. Hopefully no dip.



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I wonder how far off it will be from the PC version.
I spent my lunch hour playing the PC version. I was genuinely impressed with how well it ran. I play at 1440p 120+ fps Ultra settings. It is quite the sight so far. It seems like they did a lil work to the character models as well to me but it could be a placebo effect. Maybe the raytracing just makes them look more natural?

For those who didn't know, Metro Exodus is in this month's humble bundle. So you can get the Enhanced Edition for $12 if you were a subscriber prior to choice and didn't already have the game on PC. I don't know if there's a price difference for newer members. Extra perk is that you actually contribute to a good cause...so that's always nice.
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Don't get this, or maybe you have misunderstood or misread my post.

I'm making no predictions just relying on what comes out into the public domain by the developers themselves. I tend to believe they are more trustworthy and knowledgeable than armchair engineers on here.
But you ignore developers who say developing on the XSS isn't a problem. I wonder why? Maybe some developers use the features available to them and some do not.


I've never played the metro games. Are these on gamepass?

Do I need to play 2033 first to understsnd the story before playing exodus?
Yes, You can enjoy the gameplay of exodus but the story in 2033 is key to the rest of the series don't let people tell you otherwise. 2033 is by far the best game in the series, although mechanically the worst. 2034 and exodus are great and play better but have nowhere near the atmosphere of 2033. 2034 could probably be skipped but is worth a play through.


But you ignore developers who say developing on the XSS isn't a problem. I wonder why? Maybe some developers use the features available to them and some do not.
Who? I assume you're talking about the MotoGP Devs? I believe them too, yeh.

They were only interested in 60fps and looking at the game, it doesn't look like it even scratches the surface of what next gen consoles can do.

For a start there is no ray-tracing just focused on making it 60fps.

Without knowing the image below is from the Series S, would be convinced it was a last gen title.

it doesn't look impressive. Maybe once they start exploring the limits of the XSX and PS5, their tune might change with respect to the XSS.

But there is a big difference when it comes to Metro Exodus, this is a game where they are clearly trying to push the consoles a bit.

It's obvious just from their release notes that they put a lot of effort into making the next gen patch the best it can be.

They have been using the Direct X12 Ultimate APIs, optimised shaders, Raytracing, VRS after all. They clearly know what they are doing right?

And they say that the Series S was problematic for them and the situation will get worse.

So much so that it will affect the game design.

What exactly makes you not believe these guys? Because it's something you don't want to hear or believe? That's very sad if that's the case.
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