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LTTP: Skate. I don't care about skateboarding (who does)


This is the sort of title that hasn't been outdated, these sorts of games practically vanished and the gameplay hasn't evolved, making the game feel relatively modern, even if it's 15 years old. Those times, when "extreme" sports games were all the rage, where the soundtrack was half the game and it was all about stringing together combos.

I liked the Tony Hawk games but stayed away from Skate because I envisioned it being a hardcore sim that was annoying, where you fail half the time and fall over with every little wrong touch.

It's not like that, it's more similar to the earlier Tony Hawk games than I expected. I got a different camera angle and it might take a little longer to learn to trick well, but the controls are smart and well-made, it's intuitive. And it features an incredible sound design, the sound of the board hitting the ground is downright sexy. As is all the little sounds of the board interacting with the world.

The "session" system is great and I am surprised I haven't seen this much in other games. It entails pressing a button to create your own checkpoint, and every time you fail, you press a button and go straight back to it, it removes the tediousness of lining up the perfect ramp entry every time you fail.

The career is as simplistic as it gets, just skate up to some guy and get some mission which usually involves getting some trick score or racing somewhere. This is one area that could be better.

I really enjoyed this, it's addicting to string combos and it makes me remember being a teenager, playing Tony Hawk and SSX.

Now I just gotta get my hands on Skate 2 and Skate 3. (why is Skate 2 not on Game Pass like 1 and 3?)


I think the only way to play skate 2 is to find a physical copy. Maybe copyright issues with the soundtrack or something prevents ea to sell it ?


I played the Skate 1 30-minute demo on my friends X360 too many times to count. It was so satisfying and relaxing to just jump around making tricks together with the relaxing soundtrack. Made me unable to play THPS afterwards.
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