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New Skate will be Free to play, will have crossplay and crossprogression between PS, XBOX and PC


EA is just looking out for the gamer that can’t afford to buy a game but can afford a $5 skin 100 times. They have the gamers interest at heart and are the best gaming company.

Good thing we have you looking out for the folks who are forced to buy cosmetic MTX at gunpoint.

Most regular folks will play this without forking over a single dollar.
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Until it comes out that there are different boards that improve your Ollie height, flip speed, manual, etc
I'm willing to avatar bet that this does not happen. It would be suicide for EA and they know it. They got the message when we killed Battlefront 2 for it's lootboxes/progression. They know we would essentially cancel their game. We angry internet nerds are loud and we actually do successfully cancel games for overly greedy BS and every company our there knows it now.

Sure they can still trick the grandma's and 9 year olds that play mobile games but actual pay to win mechanics in AAA games is over at least for now. Let's find and focus on the next bit of BS they will try to feed us next.


Free to play tells me that it’s going to be a multiplayer focused game which is not what I want from a Skate game. The recent trailer they put out looks like you’ll be skating around with a bunch of other people, not a fan of that. Just want to ride around solo and listen to some punk tracks


Sounds like a perfect game for GaaS. There are shit GaaS games just like there are shit single player games. I just think EA is the worst company for it.
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What time is it?
There’s this game called Halo infinite unfortunately
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