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Lance McDonald (Bloodborne modder): Bloodborne PC leaks were fake. Bluepoint Sony contract expired.


First your not a mod, second you can go and look this information up.

Bluepoint had a contract with ms for Titanfall on 360, and the same time were contracted to do a remaster for Uncharted collection. I am not the kind of person who will show information of his friends to moderation. I have people I went to school with from Academy of Art in San francisco I still keep tabs on and talk to. 3 of Which work in games. One works still at Gearbox.

You dont like it tell a mod if its an issue or put me on ignore. Just because I don't get vetted doesnt mean im trying to spill extra info. Company's talk in trying to get contracts going, Bluepoint is a contract studio.

With the information thats now out there it looks like Sony had made multiple contracts to keep Bluepoint working on Playstation. So again my source, who is someone I talk to I will not give out. And its not like some of this cant be found if you dont look.
The same goes for your information about Disney and Sony regarding future collaboration in games licensed from Marvel, which you cannot confirm.


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The problem with Bluepoint from an acquisitions standpoint is that they have the knowhow but very little else. This makes them not especially valuable as should key staff decide to move on, essentially the purchase is worthless.

Obviously though, as a company that operates as an external partner/contractor for hire, their key strengths as a business is their established and happy relationships with corporate clients like Sony.

What this basically means is the status quo is working well, and should they plan on branching out into creating their own IP they will really need to preserve their existing business model alongside any new venture, because were they to spend 3-4 years solely focussing on an original IP they could find themselves in a position where competitors like QLOC will have cornered the market in their absence.


You guys are reading too much into the contract situation.

BluePoint won't need a contract anymore to work with Sony don't worry they ain't going anywhere.


The same goes for your information about Disney and Sony regarding future collaboration in games licensed from Marvel, which you cannot confirm.

I can confirm some things. 1. the renegotiation for Spiderman deal with Disney/MARVEL had a bunch of stuff that was on the table. One that was confirmed was merchandising. And in that deal the renegotiated Software license was left to Sony. But marvel gets everything else. And to my knowledge of leaked deal that you might find somewhere. It's been a while since I looked at it. Note it was from previous deal 2015. Since the leak Sony and Marvel are being super secretive. But couple people who are close, learned that Licensing of other Marvel property "characters" that Sony may want to include in spiderman or in a spin off were not off the table.

Hence a lot of chatter on twitter with people bringing up wish lists, and people like Neil Druckman in a fun response picked punisher.

Here's a little timeline for the old deal: https://screenrant.com/spiderman-sony-marvel-deal-explained/

But From my understanding the reception from press of Avengers during E3 2019 was also a factor when new deal was happening around that time-frame. Believe a new deal was struck later that summer in August or something. After the poor reception of the demo, Marvel and Sony left it open for discussion on case by case basis. As in Sony does not exclusive rights, but because of success of Spiderman on PS4, they can come to marvel to do a game by one of their studios.

So in essence they get first dibs, and there isn't much Bureaucracy with Marvel interfering. If this comes to anything, I don't know. I never said they were actively working on a new Marvel license game. But there def is talks to expand to other characters through Insomniac's Spiderman. But creating a new Marvel game with a different studio through Playstation is not off the table.
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