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Jussie Smollett Sentenced to 150 Days in Jail

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After an emotional day of testimony on both sides, actor Jussie Smollett has been sentenced to 150 days in jail in connection to a staged hate crime that occurred in Chicago in January 2019.

Smollett will begin his sentence immediately. He was also ordered to pay more than $120,000 in restitution to the city of Chicago and was fined $25,000.

He was also sentenced to 30 months of felony probation.

Smollett was convicted of lying to police about the staged attack, which he hired two brothers to help him undertake near his Streeterville apartment.

Judge James Linn issued his ruling on Thursday, saying that the incident's "extreme premeditation" was an aggravating factor in the case. He also said that he believed Smollett orchestrated the attack to an exacting degree, rehearsing it extensively.

"You turned your life upside down," Linn said. "You destroyed your life as you know it. There is nothing I can do to you today that will come close to the damage you've done to your own life."

The judge said that he believed Smollett “craved attention” and that he faked the crime to “make yourself more famous.”




The dude is such a narcissist he actually thinks people care enough about him to have him whacked in prison like he’s Jeffrey Epstein lmao. What a tool bag
Considering why he is going to jail, there is an outside chance that he plans to kill himself.


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Anyone who grifts like this... Especially coming from a talented family... And still doesn't apologize for his wrong-doing... Should have gotten 2-3 years for that! The justice system isn't your political plaything!


I wonder how much damage he really did. I’m not talking about using up police resources either…


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“I am not suicidal.”

Bruh you ain’t important enough to be Hillary’d behind bars lol. This man has clearly never been punished for anything in his life before now.
Almost as if he was pawned then left out to dry. And he knows it.

He was connected to way too many big players, but was sloppy and inexperienced.


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For those of you saying it should had been longer I totally agree.

Anyone who does bogus accusations should get hammered just as much as a case involving someone did a legit crime.

It doesn't even make sense why blatant liars dragging everyone into a case gets slaps on the wrist. Even though the Smollett case involved no actual perpetrators since he made them up as they were his buddies, someone could had been arrested and tried if he pointed the finger at a random person. And you never know, an innocent person could had been put in jail for 10 years. It happens all the time with falsely imprisoned people. At least when you hear about innocent prisoners released 10 years later it usually involves mistaken identity, not a Smollett situation where it was a totally made up situation.

It's like the reward/risk for bogus accusations is 10:1 in favour of doing it. Big pay off if you get an innocent person grilled. But if you lose it's a small penalty.

To severely punish liars, anyone like a Smollett should be hammered with penalties. That will teach them a lesson to cut out the tom foolery.

Even in situations where a falsely accused person is innocent, the person (if it goes public) will already have a badly damaged reputation on the net. Person will probably be fired from their job even though turns out they are innocent as a good probability. And lets face it, people get promoted as crooks all the time, but almost never get the same spotlight saying he was innocent after all. Goes to show what media's focus is on.
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Ellen Page / Colbert interview will always be the best thing that came out of this mess.

Man i watched from the beginning and what an insufferable interview that was.

I wouldn't say this is the best thing, but in retrospect it sure makes you think.
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Days like these...

Poonani should have a ph balance of 0
150 days for trying to start a race war is pretty lenient.

Stupid motherfucker. Watch this asshole get back in showbusiness because he's somehow a "victim of the system" or some such nonsense.
I wouldn't doubt it. Radlibs will come to his defense
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