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Into the Breach: Advanced Edition Update - Now Available! (Free for all owners)

Maiden Voyage

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Once more unto the breach, dear friends!​

Advanced Edition is a free major content update that will be available on all platforms today!


The following is the primary change list, but there’s a lot of small bug-fixes and tweaks here and there.

Major Additions
  • 5 New squads & 15 new squad achievements!
  • 7 new Vek, 3 new Psions, & 10 new boss battles!
  • 12 new missions & 3 new bonus mission goals!
  • 4 New pilots & 10 new random pilot abilities!
  • 39 New weapons & equipment!
  • 2 new music tracks from composer Ben Prunty!
  • Even more challenging difficulty mode, Unfair Mode!
  • 7 New Languages! (Arabic, Thai, Swedish, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, and Latin American Spanish)

Other Changes
  • Optional Content Toggles
    - All of the new content (enemies, pilot skills, etc) other than balance changes are possible to turn off if you would like the base-game content experience.
  • Weapon reactor usage reduced
    - We wanted to encourage players to immediately try out equipment they find, so we reduced the reactor power to equip most gear.
  • Store Changes
    - Since you can now instantly equip most weapons without needing an additional reactor core, the reputation cost to purchase weapons has increased by 1 and the store options are limited in the first 2 islands.
  • New weapon mechanic: KO effects
    - Certain weapons will trigger an additional effect if the primary target is killed by the attack.
  • New tile mechanic: Cracking
    - Certain weapons will cause the ground to crack. If the tile is damaged again, it will shatter, destroying the tile and anything standing on it!
  • New status effect: Boost
    - This will increase the next attack’s damage by 1. Highly effective for AoE attacks!
  • Unlocking Squads with Coins Change
    - The cost of unlocking squads with coins has been reduced to account for the extra squads.

Unfair Mode Tips
This mode is for veterans looking for even more of a challenge but it might require different strategies than you're used to.
  • There will be many more situations where damage is inevitable so it’ll be more important to take losses strategically - depending on the situation, it might be better to lose grid power, sacrifice a pilot, or fail a mission objective.
  • Grid power gains are doubled which means it’s much easier to pull back from the brink of defeat. Don’t give up after a few setbacks.
  • There is a limit to how many Vek can spawn so sometimes it’s more advantageous to leave some weak Vek alive rather than wiping them out early.

The game is also 33% off on Steam right now:
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Subset are an amazing small team, pity it takes so long for them to release their games. 6 years between FTL and Into The Breach, 4 years since Into The Breach. Although it only took them two years after FTL for the advanced edition whereas this is 4. At this rate it will be another 8 years before their next game but whatever it is and however long it takes you can bet it will be another top game. Oh well, plenty of time to explore the new content in this advanced edition.
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