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IGN: Final Fantasy 16 Has To Be PS5 Generation Only (SSD chatter)


Which part of this is next gen? Every single game does this. Ever since we went to installing games on HDDs and engines started supporting streaming, we have seen devs load the next area in memory in preparation for the next area. In games like TLOU2, those are represented by the infamous squeezing through doors, but open world games have been doing this since 2006.
The key point was

“If we didn't have the memory that the PlayStation 5 has, and also the transfer speed of the SSD that the PlayStation 5 has, we would still be in development right now,” he added.

Its not that other games haven't done it before. Its that it was a pain in the ass to do. Hence why games have things like long door openings and sliding through cracks in the wall to hide loading
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