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How many consoles have you owned that had hardware failure?


Xbox 360 with the ROD.

PS4 with a faulty disc drive after two years that would occasionally eject the disc randomly. Small fault that made it unplayable: imagine beating a boss and the PS decides to eject your disc and hence close the game.


Figured this out the other day - owned 30 consoles total (not including 360 replacements).

Had 3 OG 360s fail. That’s it. Everything else has been battered and used heavily, and has prevailed.


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The only thing that had issues for me was the Xbox 360 RROD. Other than that I still have all my consoles packages away and they still work (it’s been a couple years since I tried my TurboGFX 16 though).

Usually fire them up every couple of years to make sure they power up.
And just like that, my og switch went out without so much as a whimper. I made a reminder to charge it every 3 months to at least try to save the battery, today was the day it refuses to start up even after charging. Overall the switch has been a waste of money for me, and it's been sitting behind the television since smash. Never again, Nintendo, never again.


My og xbox had a problem with constant freezing, not wanting to start games and corrupting data before kicking the bucket.The only other issue I ever had with a system was my ps2 not wanting to play blue back discs.


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One that I remember, my original George Foreman Grill PS3. Got it at launch and must have used it for a good 6 years constantly before it collapsed in on itself. We were in Uni at the time so naturally we dropped it out of a fourth story window to watch it explode.


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My original Xbox, was one of the crystal versions that came out around the time of Halo 2 which is when I got it. Was playing some time splitter future perfect like 10 years later and it just died.

While I did get a 360 it never failed and assume still works as its in my loft currently. I did end up getting an elite though and by then most RRoD issues had been resolved, was a Wii man before that.

Outside of that I had a weird issue with my PSX as a kid, so we bought a link cable so we could play C&C retaliation together, upon inserting it for some reason the consoles never switched on even with the cable removed, same problem with both of them, had to send both mine and my cousins to Sony for repair (we got new playstations back). Apparently they had no idea what the hell was wrong with them and asked us to send the link cable in which they reimbursed us for. We never tried linking the consoles again as we where terrified they would break and never chased up the issue after we got our new consoles.
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Only the X360. Twice, one with the RODD and a second time with the E73.
Fortunately, it was under MS program to fix these issues. But when I got it back, they had increased the fan speed, so it became quite loud.
My Nintendo DS Lite got it's upper screen fucked up, but that was after many years of intensive use.

Loved that little thing, it gave me so many hours of joy.
2 OG Xbox consoles, just wouldn’t boot.
2 Xbox 360s
1 PS2, classic DVD drive issue
1 Xbox One, disc scratching and grinding noises.


I remember sitting on a chair in front of the tv, SNES on the floor at my feet, playing mortal kombat 2 or 3 against the ai and getting cheaped out of a win. I dropped my heal on that fucking SNES so hard the thing bounced the cart out. Still worked after.

I had to get 2 xbox 360s sent in for RROD problems.

Fat ps3 probably had the yellow light. Not even sure about that part. But I do know I bought a new laser and installed it myself. It still works today.

I have a launch PS1 that I think still works.
Launch dreamcast that still works.
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My Xbox 360 (bought brand new) died from RROD. Argued with some (polite but bullshitty Indian) dude from Xbox support over the phone who eventually conceded that UK consumer law covered me and I got a free "repair" (they wanted 80 quid, ha fat chance). I think in hindsight that consumer rights law only covered me to take it back to the shop (Dixons) but I was living away at university at the time and didn't want to faff around taking it in-store. Luckily I managed to blag my way through it.

The replacement (probably just refurbished) 360 also died on me within 6 months. They replaced it again (after even more arguing, this time it was a Scottish customer service rep, mainly about whether my warranty was already over or whether it started again from the replacement device but anyway....) but actually gave me an Elite instead (I had a normal white one with the HDD, Deluxe was it?). They didn't even say they were giving me an Elite but of course I wasn't complaining so I didn't say anything. Maybe they ran out of non-broken old white Xbox stock? I'll never know.

Never had issues with any other console. My brother still has my old full phat PS3 and it still works so yeah. Luck of the draw perhaps.
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My first PS4
I've had them all and only my PS4 died on me(Not counting the amount fo dead pc's I've had (CPU fried, PSU Exploding, C: HDD's dying, ENTIRE PC DYING DUE TO LIGHTNINGSTRIKE, etc) ) .

Was a GPU artifact error all over the place.
Got the error/symptom a week or so after getting it.
Bought it from Amazon and needed to send them back my old one and get a new one "ASAP" but since they were so sought after it too way way too long for me to recive a new one.
360 never died on me, but ended up throwing it away during a move.


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I think I got RROD twice, I know I got it at least one.

The DVD drive broke on my PS2 and the power+eject buttons started to malfunction aswell.
RROD on a launch Xbox 360 and a left analog stick on a launch Switch.

Owed almost all consoles and these are the only issues. And Nintendo doesn't admit there is an issue with the sticks. At least MS repaired/ replaced the broken 360's. I guess Nintendo can't stand up a fix the issue because they are too busy swimming in so much cash.



A PS2 with Disc Read Error and a Xbox 360 with the Red Ring of Death. Otherwise every other console has worked flawlessly.
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360: Sent it for red ring 5 or 6 times, then they finally sent me a working one only for the disc tray to stick when opening. Finally swapped it for a 360 slim before the disc tray fully broke, which has been fine.
PS2: Think it was something with a bad disc drive/disc read error, was common in first models, thankfully it was still under warranty.
PS4: Disc drive issue (original model), replaced with Slim.
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I’ve had three: 1) PS1 had the bad laser issue 2) original Xbox stopped reading discs 3) Xbox 360 RRoD


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I had PSX, 2x PS2, Xbox (1), 3x PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, PS4 pro and now PS5 and Series x

So far no console died on me and i was super worried about PS2 laser back in 2003... nothing bad happened.


X360 - rrod
PS3 - ylod
Retron 5 - who knows? Stop working
PS5 - twice (waiting for 3rd console)
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I went through 4 Xbox 360's. And god bless them; Microsoft replaced all of them with zero issue. 4th one was the charm.

But in my gaming lifetime. Nes, gameboy, genesis, saturn, dreamcast, super nintendo, nintendo 64, 3ds Lit, 3ds xl, gamecube, 360, XB1.... only the 360 ever gave me problems. Everything else was golden.
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Pedro Motta

2 Xbox 360's, other than that no console ever died on me. Other than the PS5 I usually don't own launch day consoles.

Fun fact, just digged back up my PSP That I haven't turned on in YEARS ( approx 6) and still works flawlessly.


None that I can recall. I might have had one red ring on my 360 that had to be fixed but I can’t remember. Or maybe it was the yellow light on ps3?

In any case I’ve been super lucky
When I bought my xbox 360, it stopped reading some discs after a couple months. RMA and had it repaired with a 1500 mspoints card.


NES - blow-cart
PS1 - Had to flip upside down
DC - broken trigger on OG Japanese controller
PS2 - frequent red screen of death
PS3 slim - noisy fan
360 - RROD x2
Wii - corrupted memory module

Other than that, most of my consoles worked and still works fine (at least ones that I have)


1 x PS1-stopped reading discs (dont know what you've lost until its gone)
2 x PS2-1 fan squeal at very first power on (brand new-returned and swapped with new console), 1 no power (1 was original black, one silver model)
1 x Gamecube-stopped reading discs (broke my fuckin heart-and Nintendo warranty were straight out cunts!!)
2 x 360 RROD
I’ve bought new consoles ever since NES. Bought launch consoles since ps2. The only hardware failure I had was my launch ps5 from PlayStation Direct. LOUD coil whine and all games would crash the console to a green screen and shut it off completely. PlayStation managed to send me a box for repair and sent me a brand new unit all within a week of my call to support. Been rocking out the replacement ever since.
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