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How many consoles have you owned that had hardware failure?


I collect old console so I've had. Fixed them if possible
8 2600s bad tia or 6507 8 bad made 4 good
2 bad 5200s, a single flipflop later good again
3 bad colecos (usually ram)
1 Commodore 64sx (bad pla)
7 bad astrocades this system either is fine or it was overheated if you ever get one do not put it on a carpet elevate it off the ground an inch and it will be fine, the graphics chip fries can't do an thing about it
1 channel f ram
2 rca studio 2s trace failures which isn't a big deal on the studio 2
4 apf m1000s all ram issues(this system is great to repair as every chip os off the shelf, cheap and socketed)
1 Arcadia 2001 bad inductor
2 jags, 1 jag cd
2 snes (both left somewhere really humid. Tons of corrosion
1 genesis same
6 32x 5 easily repaired usually a pair of ribbon cables comes lose
1 gameboy screen failure
Many gamegears all just needed recapping
3 tg express recaps ho!
1 pc engine duo recapped save
1 vita screen cracked
2 megaducks bad screens


Been kinda lucky,. in that I've not experienced or had any console die on me.

However, did have a rather loud PS3 (40GB). After a few years it started to sound like a jet engine. Never did get YLOD but traded it in to my local pawn shop before any major failure.
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OG ps2 a couple of days before gta:sa release.
If I remember correctly the ps2 slim was pretty new so we bought the bundle with the game a couple of days later spending every cent we had with my brother.
Good times.


I had consoles for 30 years. Never had one die on me except one: The XBOX 360.

Edit: This could be some kind of poll with many choices to determine which console is the weakest, after the 360 ofc, and which one is the toughest.
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I had to have the original PS1 sent in for repairs once.

Between myself and my brothers 360’s (same house) 7 total coffins. (My 3 to his 4)


Easier to say what consoles I have NOT owned: 3DO, Neo Geo and any NEC consoles.

That said, my OG Xbox had a disc drive failure, and my launch Wii had the graphics card failure. Both were repaired free of charge YEARS after the warranty had expired.

My launch PS3 60G Phat is still going.

EDIT: I kept “updating” (buying) any special edition 360, so those changed a lot. That’s why no failures there.
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Andeck Vee

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Atari 2600 died on me, I think my brother gave it a drink so won't blame the hardware and we were young
Dreamcast with a bad drive but I replaced the laser myself and got it working
2 xbox 360s rrod
Ps4 that simply died


Zero for me but i've only had the OG X360, the Slim, PS4, PS5, Xbox One Slim, One X, Series X and Switch. Consoles don't get run too hard so maybe that's why i've had no dramas with them.


Have been around since master system II times. My only failing console so far was my PS4 Pro. The bluray drive died just a month out of warranty.

I wasn't able to get a replacement drive to a friend during that time so I buyed a new ps4 pro. Got a drive sometime later and fixed it.
Gave the 2nd ps4 pro time during covid, since he was bored and wanted to build a new PC which was impossible at that time..
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Only ever had one console break and it was a DS lite and even that still worked it's just the hinge snapped as i used that thing every single day thousands of hours of gametime on it. Apart from that nothing else had crapped out even my arcade X360 is chugging away.
Only the original Xbox 360 failed "live" for me.

Then, after a long time in the attic despite being in its original box, my SNES had a corrupted video output (displaying corrupted blocks of pixels while everything else still working), I had to buy a new one.

Same story for my original GameBoy, after years of no use, no more sound are outputing, I bought a glorious backlighted modded GBA to replace it.

That's it, everything else are still working like my 30+ years NES, even my older, relatively unknown, Atari XE.
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Like 4 360s

And my launch ps3 died like 3 years in and fuckers sent me a replacement that wasn't backwards compatible

SF Kosmo

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Not too many. I mean obviously my 360 RROD'd, and I think my power jack loosened on some old handhelds like the Atari Lynx. And most recently I had a PS4 Pro blow out on me. And I lost switch controllers to joycon drift and things like that.
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Partial failure:
NES: both the cartridge slot and the controllers.
Playtsation 1: overheating and freezing during cutscenes, not loading game during power up every time.
DS: Scratched my bottom screen beating Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword

Total failure:
Gamecube: laser module failure - couldn't load any game.
PSP 2000: white switch failure resulting in constant power cycling. I got a replacement used one and the LCD panel failed staying half black no matter what.
PS3 160GB version: complete hard drive failure.
PS4 blue controller: stick drift on new controller after 3 months. Pack in controller still working fine as are my PS3 controllers from 2008.
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