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How do you use Game Pass?

How do you use Game Pass?

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After discussing this in another thread, I figured Game Pass deserved a poll. How do you use Game Pass? Is it your daily driver, an occasional use, or do you not use it at all (or maybe you even actively dislike it)? Explain your reasoning in the comments.

Personally, I got it for cheap, and I still didn't use it. I like to own the games that I play. Beyond that, I am a PC gamer mostly. Game Pass locks down the game to restrict or prevent modifications, and I love me my mods. Also, I hate subscriptions. The few subscription services I have are ones that I feel like I can't live without, and I can definitely live without Game Pass.

P.S. Console warring is still not allowed on NeoGAF. Keep that in mind when responding. :cool:

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I play the stuff that's on it if it looks good. 🤷‍♂️ If it's very good, I put it on my wishlist and buy it eventually.

The only thing I'll add that's slightly novel is that I feel it's helped me get over my addiction to buying too many games. I get that dopamine hit of new things dropping every few days and I find that fun. It kind of allowed me to break that addiction a bit and think more critically about what I'm buying.
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Gamepass all day, for everything I can use it for. I got a family and a business to run, I ain't made of money and I ain't spending 70 bucks on new games. I'm the consumer, don't give a fuck about a company's bottom line, only care about mine, and at the end of the day Gamepass helps that the most. I'm enjoying Sony's new PS Plus feature that's Gamepass like as well.


I'd consider checking it out in the event I get a series x or a decent pc. Wouldn't keep it pass the trial period though. I'm not big on subscriptions in general.
I wait till it's $1 dollar for 3 months. Turn off recurring billing. Try to finish a game maybe 2. Wait till they offer it again at $1.


I will never use Game Pass, and I will give up gaming before moving to a subscription model.
Won't give up on gaming but will stick to only those games I can buy as a physical medium.


I use it to measure just how much better I feel about not being perpetually leeched by services I barely use on a monthly basis.

I unsubscribed a few months ago, and I don't care.


I use it when I play on my XBSX and sometimes PC. I tried it on my phone but I was getting too much lag.


I started subscribing to GamePass in January or so, could count on one hand how many things I’ve downloaded from it. It’s in a pile of other subscriptions I should probably cancel but don’t because I’m an idiot.


I use it gently.
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Jokes aside, it is THE reason I bought the Series S and got into the Xbox ecosystem. It is my daily driver and besides a couple games I bought super cheap on sale in the store or through even cheaper argentinian xbox game keys that I activated through vpn, I don't plan on buying games for full price.

In general I went away from it, because game pass, ps plus should I choose to activate it again, and constant sales made me immune to that fomo feeling. The only exceptions being new Naughty Dog games or Kojimbo experiences.🧐


I use it to discover stuff I wouldn’t even think about otherwise. I find the curation is overall really good and there are many games I would have ignored if they weren’t on the service.

Also I use it to find stuff to play on PC since I find Steam a bit useless when it comes to discovering games.


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1$ sale every six months, try games I wouldn't normally play, remember why I hate modern gaming, forget about GP for another six months


If a game is coming to Gamepass, i'll play said game on there. I'll buy games that arent coming to Gamepass if its a game i really want.
If i play a game on Gamepass and i really love it, i'll eventually buy it on Steam as well.
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It's been a while since the games coming into the service have been as good as the games leaving.

Microsoft simply hasn't put enough into it to compensate for a full calendar of zero first-party games.

I've been subscribed since launch. But, I just canceled the other day. So, by the end of the month, I won't have access to it anymore.

Maybe, I'll resub down the line, but I doubt it. I'd rather just by Starfield for $60 then spend $180 a year just to say I rented it for "free".


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I just play stuff that interest me on the service. IF there is something I want to play not on the service, I buy it,
Generally sub when there's an offer on, but don't usually download much as I've plenty to play just on Steam as it is. Haven't had a reason to fully sub yet on PC anyway


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Mostly just for Xbox exclusives. Not an option in the poll though.
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The only way I would buy a game that was currently available on GP would be for the discount if it were preparing to leave the service, and I was still not done with it.

All this talk about 'supporting the devs' is bullshit. They're being well-compensated for putting their products on any sub service, otherwise they would walk away. I'm as Capitalist as they come, but buying a product you're already paying for in another way is simping, pure and simple.


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GamePass is all about quantity. It's becoming the Netflix of gaming services.

I've had it for 3 years now and never use it.


I really enjoy Gamepass, awesome service.

I still buy stuff from Steam and still buy other big games on console I want to play such as Elden Ring but generally most of the games I play are on Gamepass. There is just so much to like about it;

  • I have played loads of games I wouldn't otherwise have risked buying, bought a few before they left and also bought DLC for some games I don't own.
  • It gives a large consistent library between friends and family so if as a group we want to play something we can pick to play a game none of us have played before very easily.
  • I love that I can stream a game so that I can jump in instantly (works great with my previous point above).
  • Add games to my "Try Later" pile that I think i might like (some I think i probably wont) then do a kind of speed dating thing via streaming to thin out the ones I will download and play. Means i get to play a lot more games than I otherwise would have.
  • Some games work great streamed and don't even get downloaded.
  • A nice selection of PC games that isn't tethered to the console selection, stuff from Paradox and Zachtronics etc.
There are probably way more things i could list but that's just a few off the top of my head.


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I use it as most subscription services.

I wait until it has a few things I want to play on it and then I get it for 2-3 months to play through them


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I use it to for pick up and play. Same with PS+. I don't experience FOMO or hype with games any more. So I'm perfectly happy to pay a subscription fee so I can have a catalog of games available for me to choose from based on what I feel like playing at the time. Just like with music and movies, I don't need the newest thing on day 1 and I don't need to own it forever. So these services were made with me in mind.


Mainly there for day 1 releases. Don’t care for the overwhelming list of indie games. I’m not sure if i’ll keep it come my renewal in November.


Game pass for everything. Breakfast, visiting the toilet, on the job, fun with the mistress etc.

I play the games on game pass, and if there's a game I want to play I wait until it comes to game pass.


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I only use it when it's in offer for 1 euro a month to try games that i'm very unsure of, like a big demo library.

It saved me 100 dollars between gears5, state of decay 2 and some other things that i luckily avoided to buy after a try.

But i stopped doing even that because gamepass pc and xbox app are a disgrace that can actively fuck up your pc.

Maybe when M is gonna give pc user a good experience with the same catalogue of games they have on console i'm gonna change my idea.

For console user is a super deal of course if you don't care about owning stuff.


I subscribed for 3 years, any game that is on there that I want to play i'll play on it.

Once my subscription expires I wont be renewing, I don't use it often enough for it to be worth it.

I'd rather subscribe for a month once in a while, play the games I want to play and unsubscribe. It doesn't make sense to stay subscribed for me at least.


I have choosen option one. I basicly download a lot of Games, I'm happy with it.
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I spend 20 minutes browsing through the entire list of games once every 6-8 weeks. Download a few and then a few days later delete them all and think ‘I’ll never have time for these’. Currently got Tinykin installed, which I’ll definitely play, and Tunic which I am going to try and complete.
Game Pass has completely changed the way I consume games. There are games I'd have never given a chance because I didn't want to spend money on them since I might not like them, but that barrier is removed by subbing to Game Pass. Rocket League, before it was a free2play, was a game I had zero interest it -- but it was on Game Pass, so hey why not. 1000+ hours later it was now a free2play title and I was playing competitively online every single night, having some of the most fun I've ever had playing games. Not only do I try more games, but I'm enjoying more games, enjoying gaming a lot more now that I am free to branch out and try specific titles I'd have otherwise not given the time of day. On top of that, all the games that MS makes that I like, are now day and date with the service, which that alone pays for itself, plus the partner deals they make with 3rd parties.


I almost entirely game through game pass ultimate on my XSX, aside from a few switch or PC games I already have and some gifted games I’ve received.

I’m in on the 3 year gold upgrade deal ending Nov 2023. Unless something is on deep sale, I’ll likely wait until my subscription ends before considering buying a game outside of game pass. I don’t like the thought of buying a game then having it hit the service. I’ll make a call then on what to do next when my sub ends, and the will depend a lot on if the Gold upgrade route still works then.


I haven't used it lately since I have been playing Destiny 2 and switching between Horizon/Kena/TLOU. I don't think I can ever restrict my gaming to a sub service (e.g. wait for things I want to play to come to the sub service) so after my sub runs out, I will re-sub based on if it has a set of games I just want to try out vs own.
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I was interested in some games then realized i cant pay for all of them lol ,Lucky few of it on gamepass i am first time user,i wish i had something like this when I was kid ,only complaint is its not yet supported on android tvs so i gotta screencast it from phone,recommended to try it for all.
I've only used Game Pass on the 3 month for a dollar sub, and I found it to have pros and cons. Obviously playing all I wanted from the service for $1 is a ridiculous value, and it also saved me from purchasing games that I was interested in but were ultimately disappointing or mediocre.

On the other hand, I played some games that were great and would have liked to "own" them digitally, but I have no interest in being in the PC Xbox ecosystem, so I'll buy them on Steam when a good sale is available if I want to replay them. I also like to keep my save data for longer games like rpgs, and I played Dragon Quest XI on game pass. I think I read that it's possible to transfer your game pass save to Steam, but I may be misinformed about that.


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My way isn’t listed, I try things I like on gamepass but still buy some gamepass games on steam if I really like them.


Pretty much everything.

There are a few games on the service I would buy or have bought.

But it’s also made me try out a lot of games I would have never touched otherwise. Sure, I don’t bother with most after 30 minutes but there have been a few games I have absolutely adored.
I use Gamepass as often as possible. It's great for trying games I wouldn't dump $60 on but I do want to play. For me it basically replaced renting games which I used to do every weekend, now I'm just not limited to weekends and I have a way bigger selection.

I still prefer Steam for games I intend to play multiple times or games I plan on modding.
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