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Housemarque next game is new IP, even more ambitious than Returnal but true to studio's arcade roots


Wish they were making Contra. Konami please let your ips go.
That’s a perfect game for them.

I don’t know what Konami is doing but they should really sell their IPs since they probably aren’t doing anything (are they? I only know about the mess e football game)


Be a roguelike
Be a roguelike
Be a roguelike

Because fuck you :messenger_heart:
eat shit GIF


Still need to play Returnal, but it's interesting that they mention having to leave so much on the cutting floor - suggests their next game will have plenty of new gameplay elements and ideas.
Seems like Sony bought them just at the right time, a studio this size showing up with Returnal within the first 6 months of a new gen it really impressive and proves they can handle more ambitious projects.


You can tell how proud they are of the narrative features but I honestly feel it's a complete miss and a total waste of time that would be better spent on core gameplay.


You would think that after the Returnal fame they would update some of their old games to feature 4k/120fps - but somehow no one at Sony really gives a crap about next gen arcade games it seems.
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