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Housemarque next game is new IP, even more ambitious than Returnal but true to studio's arcade roots


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“Definitely. We grew so much as a team. We didn’t quite know what Returnal was going to be when we started building it. Now that we have figured it out and that the formula worked so well, we’re looking at what’s next. Now that we’ve been bought by Sony, we have a runway to go even wilder, with all that financial backing and stability.”
Korhonen told us that while the next game will indeed be a new IP, some of Returnal’s DNA will flow through the new project. “Returnal was so ambitious. We dreamt super big, but we still had to leave so much on the cutting room floor,” she explained. “All of these ideas and narrative systems. I’m super excited to pick up those pieces and see how those fit our new IP story."

also, the final secret of the Tower of Sisyphus is yet to be uncovered:

“I’ve been stalking our subreddit, and there have been wonderful little discoveries… there is something I’m still hoping that they will discover about the Tower Sisyphus. It’s not as much of a secret, more like a nice philosophical reference to the name. But nobody has put that on Reddit yet, so I haven’t seen anyone make that connection. But hopefully, someone will maybe after this.”
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Nex Machina is a masterpiece. Returnal did not click with me at all though.

Definitely interested to see what comes next. Most of their games are top tier for sure.

I struggled with returnal because of the aiming on controller combined with the lack of rogue lite elements. I'll give it another go on PC with keyboard and mouse. I'm sure there will also end up being some excellent mods for the game.


I try not to think about their new game, because it's still years away. Otherwise I am pumped, I love their worlds and narrative, though a bit too vague, was at its heart very good.

Also hoping for not-roguelike, but still with horror edge to it.


i dont quite understand this, the controls on console are fantastic.

Not saying the controls are bad, I've just never really got on with using a controller for shooters. In this case the high difficulty exasperates things for me.
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