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High on Life, how many jokes can you tolerate?


Justin Roiland loves his own humor more than anything, and he wants you to experience it by ramming it down your throat.

Every event in the game is a green light for Squanch Games to insert a long conversation about creatures jerking off and alien insecurities. Sometimes they include the voice actor breaking out of character at the end, laughing at their own jokes.

The reviews were never gonna be great for High on Life, for every favorable review there would be 2 that can't stand it. Especially in the bizarre hyper-sensitive community of game journalism, where a dick joke is offensive.

Game Pass saved this game and gave it some reach.

The humor was extremely hit-and-miss for me, but there certainly were some times when I thought it was funny. I think it depends on the area you are in and how much of it gets dispensed to you, how it "flows" and how much they push it at you at a given time. There is no break from it, and it never stops.

I was sure I was gonna hate the shooting, it looked questionable in the trailers. But to my surprise, I thought it was fine and there is a great crunch as you gun down the aliens who splatter and splash all over the place. But there are only a few weapons, and if you don't like one or two of them, you are out of luck and will use the same shit for the entire game.

The combat scenarios can be a bit rough. The game likes to warp in enemy bases that are essentially a horde wave, but there is something about the level design, the constantly moving enemies, and the weapons that aren't aligned. There can be a slight annoyance factor as you frantically rush around trying to shoot them, and sometimes they will end up standing behind some pillar, not reacting until you come close. This annoyance factor is somewhat affected by the level design, in some areas I had no issue (the wild west level for example), but in the opening "jungle" world, I thought the combat was weaker because the level design didn't facilitate space for the player to navigate as well in the frantic combat.

The progression is very traditional, going from level to level, taking down bosses to progress, and collecting gadgets as you go along. A lot more could be done here to spice things up.

There ain't too much interesting going on with the overarching plot apart from some gags once in a while, other than I thought the sister and the house were fun, and without it, I don't think I would even remember that you are a human in an alien world.

And the bosses are a surprising highlight, they are the highlight of each level and it's interesting to get whatever weapon they are using, they have some effort put behind these encounters.

The soundtrack goes from sort of cool to completely fucking ridiculous from area to area. It sounds like an underwater tuba played through a synthesizer. But it's not the most optimized game, there are a number of bugs, and the game looks weak if you scale down from the best settings, but generally, the areas have a lot of detail and some great backdrops. It looks pretty cool, if not great.

I have seen people love the game and hate the game, it was always gonna be divided considering the amount of crass banter. I thought it was alright, fine, not great, but worth playing through on Game Pass. I wonder what's coming next from these guys and how it's gonna be without Roiland, now that he is gone. (unless he returns at some point.)



My tolerance lasted about two hours, but not because of the jokes. The level design was messy, I often couldn't figure out where to go next, and I got fed up wandering around the same areas looking for whichever ledge I was meant to grapple, or character I was meant to talk to.


I post on message boards. I developed a pretty thick skin for shitty sense of humor.

Which is why I was able to read the OP with a straight face.


I liked the game, nowhere near as much as other users here.

I wouldn't replay it, once was enough and I enjoyed the ride.

I do think combat could have been much better though.


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I hated it. Couldn’t stand more than 3 hours of this crap. Bad gameplay didn’t help.
But I would still take it over atomic heart. They at least shut up sometimes in hol.
I hated it. Couldn’t stand more than 3 hours of this crap. Bad gameplay didn’t help.
But I would still take it over atomic heart. They at least shut up sometimes in hol.
Yeah they took a big risk with the humour in this game. I like it, but I can see many people bailing out if they don't enjoy this kind of humor.

A shame tbh, the gameplay is very cool once things get going, like a DOOM Eternal dialed down by a bit.


Generally thought the tutorial was funny af but from an hour of what i played generally thought the gameplay was ass, so was AI
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