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Google is disappointing the Stadia community


Input lag is not some magical made up fairytale.. You have to have some lag because it's physically impossible not to. Are you one of those people that can't tell the difference between 1080p and 4K?

I'm sure there's lag, but with my TV set to game mode its barely noticeable.


Google is disappointing.

I'm a huge google guy, I was on the early list of gmail people, I've always had android phones, I own a chromebook, chromecast and use mostly chrome as a browser on my pc. But god damn is it a very disappointing company.

Like since their creation, all they've done is hype, but no results. Create a great service, fuck it up, abandon it, go for the next one. Every single android iteration has promises of new stuff and better battery life, yet here we are, with less functions and same battery life.

Most google products are a very good idea, but there is no communication between their projects. Why is a google app better on iphone than on android?! Why are all ipad google apps great, but shitty on android tablets?! its a very weird company that lacks tons of focus, but hey...most of their stuff is "free" as in, we collect all your personal data but free email! woo hoo

Apple standards. Don't forget for a while Google apps were blocked on Apple devices strictly because of all the dogshit they kept doing years ago.

I can't stop laughing when I hear the name Google Stadia.

Can't spell stadia with STD

That was horrific and I'm sorry for having made your day objectively worse by reading that joke.
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