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News Drama Cringe GDQ bans speedrunner who ‘hates feminazism’


May 9, 2016
For everyone's sake, let's stop using this argument. Freedom of speech applies to the government limiting what you can say - not private parties. The GDQ guys are fully within their rights to tell this guy he can't use their stream as a platform, for example.

Doesn't make them any less cowardly, but y'know.

It’s important to bring up though. Freedom of speech is a value before it’s a law. The fact that it doesn’t extend into this new privately mediated public space is because there was no way of imagining such a possibility.

I wouldn’t not bring it up, because the tension points to this new possibility of corporate Sharia law, which supercedes sovereign national law by some de facto principle of the market.
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Aug 20, 2019
Jesus fucking Christ, GDQ won't see anymore donations from me, fuck them. It shoult be only about the games, politics should not matter, as long as he doesn't talk about them while doing his run.

Fucking left nazis