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Games that can't be properly enjoyed until at least the second playthrough.

I think there is a lot of confusion here between having to play a game a second time to enjoy it, and having to play a second time to experience everything,

The former is dumb, why would you ever keep playing something you don't like? The latter is a design choice. Stuff like Nier you need to replay multiple times, but the first playthrough is enjoyable too - its not like the game is garbage until the second time, its just you don't see everything until the second (or third or fourth or...) time.


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None. If I have to play through your game a second time to enjoy it, then you have failed as a game designer.
This. I never ever touch a game a second time if I don’t enjoy it. I don’t even finish it. I drop it after an hour max.

Only game I’ve kept playing longer without liking it is FF7RI, because the cinematics are so so good. I doubt I’ll finish it though.
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I remember this being a big sticking point with the original Destiny. Once you completed the game and hit a certain level threshold, you would simply have to replay missions over and over again to increase your light level up in very small increments. No way I would ever play through the same exact sequences and boss battles dozens of times just to progress my character.
Nier,DMC,Drakenguard, Ninja gaiden 1,2,3 razor edge and the sigma releases Older tales of games "EX mode is always locked' YS series by in large, Pokemon, Kingdom hearts, Shin megami tensei in large games the 1st runs are usually rough, Bayonetta 1 and 2, From Souls games by in large, Bullet hell games, Doom 2016 and eternal are excellent on multiple runs.
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In the Cold Steel series, you are simply not given enough bonding points for all the character bonding events in the first play through, the game can't be fully experienced in one go unless you use cheat engine (which I do). I think there are some other stuff as well that's not available until the second one.
Yep you have to pick and choose you will never get enough to do everything in one run.


Diablo 3. Anybody who has played this game, especially at release, knows how braindead easy the campaign is at lower difficulty levels. The problem is that players couldn't raise the difficulty enough to provide any challenge whatsoever until they comlpeted the campaign and unlocked higher difficulties one by one. This was a huge chore for any experienced ARPG player because it meant hours upon hours of sleeping through trouble-free encounters until they could finally provide a real challenge for themselves. And even today, new players have many hours of mindless grinding before "the real game begins."
I don't understand this one, maybe it's different now, but when I played it many years ago, they give you a massive XP boost at the higher difficulty levels, which made everything apart from some of the bosses and chapter 4 a complete joke. I thought it was the worst approach to difficulty modes I have ever seen.


As far as the story is concerned, Kotor 2, once for each gender and morality. You get different companions depending on your gender, and you get different perspectives on the same characters depending on your morality. Some characters require unique play-throughs morally which aren't just good or evil to fully understand their ideology (kreia). Only after playing the game a few times can you truly understand the characters and motivations behind them.
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