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First Game(s) you Bought/Received for Various Systems?


Feb 24, 2012
United Kingdom
Game Boy Advance

This was the first system I bought with my own money, and I remember pre-ordering, waiting, and getting it with the pre-order bonuses like a carry case. What a great little system that was.

Not sure

Probably RE4, because it would have been the main incentive, but I can’t say for sure. I know it was worth it though, I loved that little underdog of a system.

PlayStation 2 (Slim)
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

After my OG PS2 stopped reading discs, SA was only a month or so from release so I ordered them both together. It’s crazy to think how small it was, even now. Not much bigger than a DVD case.

PlayStation 3 (slim)
God of War 3

Not one to break tradition, my OG 3 died as well. Thanks, Sony. The YLOD was just what I wanted. You all know 3. Great game, well worth your time.

Wii U
Super Mario World U + Luigi U

Return of the underdog Nintendo system, before they got too big and too confident and games were still mostly full, solid games without DLC. I still have this plugged in, and I still like it. I recently returned to it, inspired by the small resurgence of people on GAF reminding me it’s there with their threads.
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Jul 15, 2020
Master System 2 - Hulk
SNES - Spawn
PSX - Dragonheart
PC - Morrowind
PS2 - MGS 2
PS3 - MGS 4 / Oblivion / Jericho
PS4 - Killzone
PS5 - Demon's Souls
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Jun 11, 2019
Black and white pong, i don't remember the console, amiga maybe, it was my father console.

Commodore 64, the elvira game or the tmnt game.

Gameboy...maybe warioland super mario lands 3?!

Sega master system 2 plus, sonic 2 inside the console, first cartridge was alien storm

Snes street fighter 2 turbo

Sega saturn, the green demo disc with athlete kings and knights, i don't remember the first complete game.

Psx crash 2

Gameboy sp pokemon red

Ps2 doa2 and x-squad (lol)

Psp killzone liberation or the first gow mobile maybe?

Gamecube zelda the wind waker

Xbox halo1

Ps3 mgs4 or uncharted 1

X360 perfect dark and condemned

Ps vita, i don't remember, maybe hotline miami digital

Wii, red steel 2

Ps4 killzone 4 and knack maybe?

switch zelda botw

Xone: gow ultimate

Ps5 morales

i'm probably forgetting 1-2 consoles...
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