Ezra Miller is a little bitch

I was browsing twitter, when I found this new trending hashtag. #ezramillerisoverparty

Ezra Miller fully choked a fan after being jokingly asked to fight, then slammed the girl into the ground.

For those who don't use twitter here is some context

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It's cut-off, so hard to view the context. It doesn't seem so violent and from what I can see the girl seems to take it with a smile from what I can see in the footage. Person claiming something on twitter isn't necessary verification of what actually occured.
That said, you don't need to slam violently to the ground for a choke hold to be damaging and he clearly pushed her hard enough into the "wall" behind her to make a noticable sound, so let the police deal with it if it's reported. The context seems serious enough for those there considering the response "wow, brobrobrobro".

That celebrities can be as much trash as ordinary people, if not more, is not a big surprise. It's why adoration of celebrities is a silly thing.

Airbus Jr

Wtf does ezra do something stupid like this choking a fat women

This is so out of character of him

He drunk or something ? Damn this really ruin his image as Flash for me
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why did they delete her whole account and the posts?

unless they were getting harassed

Edit, nope no sign of harassment barely any replies, just 21 in 4 days
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Who the fuck is ezra miller?

Edit. Nevermind. He's the creepy kid from the new potter movies.
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i absolutely can't stand this little cunt.

his flash on JL was the absolute worst shit i ever seen in my life, and i watched terranova ffs.
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Rich narcissist turns out to be a douchebag :messenger_face_screaming:

It kind of looked like play fighting until he lay her on the ground. Guy has issues.
Something about the guy always rubbed me the wrong way. I first saw him in We Need To Talk About Kevin, and he was good, but when I saw him interviewed afterward, I dunno, seemed “off”


just learned he is non binary

so we all need to celebrate this brave hero for living his/her/them/their/Xir truth
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certifiably insane non-binary psychopath that can’t even figure out if he likes taking cock or giving it.

I bet if you make fun of him he starts to cry like a little bitch...


I really liked them as both Flash and Credence, they have an eerieness about them that's intriguing and works well with the characters they are cast as.

This seems like typical coked-up celeb behaviour, she jokes she could beat him in a fight, but his brain is firing on the wrong cylinders and decides it's time to take her to the ground in a stranglehold.

I doubt it's a career-ender for them, they've built up enough virtue points over the years to have a get out of social justice prison free card, I fully expect after the usual "I must do better" and 2 weeks of fancy rehab they are back filming again.
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We can all agree upon him applying pressure to her throat, but did he actually body slam her into the ground with tremendous force? Personally I think the obese woman must have irritated him by her very presence and he went full on Reverse Flash on that biatch!
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