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Epic Games apologizes for the error in the free distribution of “Death Stranding Director’s Cut


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During Christmas, December 25, 2022, the Epic Games Store offered its users a nice end-of-year gift, with a free copy of Death Stranding.

Anyone who was quick enough and saw it when released to redeem the game, must have noticed that the store offered the Director's Cut of Death Stranding, which has more content and improvements compared to the original. And as expected, Epic Games confirmed that it was wrong to distribute the director's cut of Death Stranding, as planning it from the beginning was the standard version:


"Employees accidentally swapped the standard version of Death Stranding for the Director's Cut. We apologize to those who were unable to obtain the Director's Cut and are truly sorry. Our agreement with the publisher was that only the standard version would be released for free, and our team made a mistake. We are currently in discussions with the publisher about this issue."
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For me this question is hypothetical because i have the Director's Cut on Steam; but say if someone claimed the standard version from the Epic giveaway, can they later upgrade it to Director's Cut with the incremental cost ?


Ah that's fine. They give away so many free games they don't leave any room for complaints from players. I give them a pass.


I had this already downloaded on GamePass PC, and only put in a few hours so I deleted it to get the Director Cut and when I went to download it it was the same version I just fucking deleted. Lol. Yes it is free but that shit really pissed me off all day.


I activated the directors cut, but now i only have the normal version. Whatever i already have it on ps5.


I'm just glad more people get to try Death Stranding, regardless of the version.
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It's a great game.

Advice - Dont do much side stuff until around Episode 3 or 4, just power throught the story missions. It makes it a more enjoyable expierence much faster.

Also, I'm super fucking hype for DS2.
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