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Dream MS game Using Talent From All acquisition


Time to dream, mine are:

Diablo/Doom crossover looter/shooter FPS (Destiny clone)
WoW single player RPG by Obsidian.
Rare make an Astro’s Playroom like game using all the mascots MS now have(Crash, Spyro, Bajo)
and this..

A "smash bros" of hero shooters featuring characters from a bunch of characters from other FPS/TPS games. Escpecally since Microsoft owns like (more than :messenger_beaming: ) half of them nowadays anyway.

Example roster:
-Master Chief
-Doom Slayer
-Duke Nukem
-Gordon Freeman
-Captain Price
-Joanna Dark
-Banjo/Kazooie in Breegull Blaster mode
-Conker from the WW2 level
-BJ Blazkowicz
-Shadow the Hedgehog

Any bigger dreamers?


Crash team racing made by playground games set in Japan.

Festival mainstage location: Sony HQ in Tokyo.

Driving Donkey Kong GIF
I have a dream, the dream of Raven Software being free from the shackles of daddy Activision and being allowed to do something that's not a Call of Duty.

Like I dunno, Soldier of Fortune, a Heretic reboot, a Hexen reboot or maybe Singularity II, but this time without being rushed. Or let's get real crazy, the return of Kyle Katarn in Jedi Knight IV: Jedi Outcast Rising: Revengeance.
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We ain't outta here in ten minutes, we won't need no rocket to fly through space
Retire WoW and make a new one.

That said, the Riot MMO is going to be the closest to WoW2 anyone can get.


THE Prey 2 fanatic
Prey 2 doesn't really need anyone besides Roundhouse Studios.
After that I want Obsidian collaborating with Bethesda Gameworks on another first-person Fallout.
After MachineGames makes Wolfenstein III, they can collaborate with Roundhouse Studios on one final Wolfenstein spinoff for their continuity of the series.


I wouldn't say a personal dream game, but I think a toys 4 bob remake of banjo 1 & 2 would go down really well with fans.

Maybe even build up interest for banjo 3.
I genuiney want a smash bros game from them. hire the people who made nick brawl give them an actual budget. That game would do superb on gamepass


Take the devs that did the Prototype series and give them a Marvel ip. Sony has Spiderman, Xbox needs a world war Hulk.
I've said similar before but I'd like to see one "parent" studio in charge of base character designs, story, environmental, key art etc and then other studios bring their engine/mechanics/talent to the table for one/two missions or areas of the game. Imagine a solo or coop romp through the best hits from each studio tied within one game or mini games embedded within. Why stick with the usual one engine/game genre for the whole game. Bring a Love, Death+Robots sort of mash up game to the table. Imagine having sprinkles of racing between missions, to reach a sprawling RPG world for awhile to then jump into FPS within dungeons when your world map is more of an RTS sandbox simultaneously. Throw in some platforming, puzzling and generally mix it up so each studio/engine/art/dev team would have a razor like focus to deliver the best showcase they have for their slice of the game.

For example take what Forza did with the Warthog in Forza Horizons 3 - DRIVING MISSION

Mash it up with some Halo FPS tied together with cutscenes or seamless in game cutscenes during engine loading changeover - FPS MISSION

Then have a world map that is basically Halo Wars 2 the whole time - RTS MISSION - persistent universe, hell make it a single universe and real time with other PvE and/or PvP players.

*I'm not really advocating for a Halo genre mashup but just a taste of what the concept is. Take the top 10% from each of those MS studios and let them go fucking crazy. Games should be fun and there's no way you're not going to want to try the next mission or game hook to experience what the whole game could offer. Given the loading times of next gen hardware and crossplay with PC/consoles/mobiles there's a game waiting to be developed where gamers may even play different genre games in real time with other players e.g. mobile gamers are giving RTS orders like a commander of a squadron where console players are going FPS.

I just want to see some real convergence of the advanced technologies cloud and next gen hardware can deliver while creative approaches to the game development pipeline and talent sharing behind what is being made. Generally speaking there is so much collaboration, remote working and outsourcing involved with AAA game development these days I'd like to see some creative risks taken in the development management behind the game making. Why is a game all the one genre all the way through? Why is it the same narrative perspective? Why don't games/studios take risks in terms of what a player will experience?

When you go to the arcade or have a gaming session you'll often be jumping between games, genres and modes of play. It would be nice to have that developed from the concept stage as one cohesive game and story. A game that enabled drop in/out for friends would be ideal too, this is where a persistent universe is ideal.
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What time is it?
Candy Crushed style Dating SIm where you trying to romance Cacodemons, Khajiit and Captain Price.


Candy Crushed style Dating SIm where you trying to romance Cacodemons, Khajiit and Captain Price.

And they release a feedback bodysuit so you can feel the passion as you snuggle up to the Cacodemon.

I know I'm not alone here, am I right?!


Super Shoot Bros
A Smash Bros equivalent of the shooter genre. It would be made by the creators of Overwatch and be a hero shooter. It would feature characters from different franchises with unique abilities and weapons similar to Overwatch. It would feature Master Chief, Call of Duty Soldier, Marcus Phoenix, Tracer, Doom Guy, Fallout hero, Ghostwire Tokyo dude shooting fireballs, Dishonored dude, Hellblade bow and arrow girl, Deathloop hero and etc. They can even have 3rd parties getting involved like Bioshock, Crysis and etc.

World of Warcraft 2
This game needed a sequel for a long time, the time is now, and this time on consoles too.

StarCraft action adventure game
A action adventure game taking place in the world of StarCraft. It can play similar to games like Half Life.

Crash X Banjo
A platformer involving merging the 2 world's together and you switch between both characters and movesets.

Spyro 4
A sequel by the creators of Crash 4

Diddy X

World of Minecraft

An mmorpg Minecraft would be pretty succesful I think, as adictive as WoW but everything is blocky, kids will love it.
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Crash racing game with a shit ton of characters from different IP's. I'm still salty this never came out to PC so this would be fun and pleasant.
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