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Don’t care what anyone says. Cyberpunk 2077 is amazing and should be played

The Cyberpunk hate lasted for a second and still sold millions, the game isn't going to be in anyone's top 10 games of all time lists, it's a decent game that was taken advantage of by reviewers over a game just needing a patch.
The game sold millions because it had been hyped up for over 8 years (from initial trailer in early 2012 to release in late 2020). After The Witcher 3 released and became a "Game of the Generation" type experience, CD Projekt Red became the developer to beat in terms of Wester RPGs. The game continued to sell after the game breaking bugs became apparent only because it was heavily discounted across every major retailer less than a month after launch. Even now the game can be found easily for $5.


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If you're playing on PC or the current gen consoles it's a blast. Last gen consoles are stretched too thin really.


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You making this thread indicates that you def care what others think. But on the otherhand you’re right about the CO77. Game is good. Played it on PC and had a blast.


Biggest let down in years for me. Not a patch on Witcher 3. The gameplay feels so restricted and dated. So much for all the 'Welcome to the next generation of open world games' nonsense.
The characters and npc's are just too edgelord too to really get into the story. I found the game boring to be honest, and a real struggle to finish.
i tried to get back into it last nite. its such a slog. It doesn't run well, doesn't feel good, doesn't look great. It feels like trying to play a PS3 game. Or a budget game.

U try to like it, but everything is actively working against u


Yup. Cyberpunk holds nothing on Deus Ex. That fact makes me very sad, as I very very very badly wanted Cyberpunk to be an open world Deus Ex. It went too far GTA
I disagree, game clearly takes a lot of notes from Deus Ex, especially mission/level design. The only thing that makes it different is that there's a less of a survival/item gathering element to the game, which can be either a blessing or a curse depending on who you ask.


It's okish. Nothing to outstanding outside the fact that it's progression system its pretty damn interesting. Also quests are mostly a bummer when you think the level of quality of Witcher 3 quests.

The game falls short in terms of story at the start of Johnny incident and ends terribly, making the player look like an idiot for doing everything he/she could to find salvation.

I'm just not sure why the need to create a thread in such defensive tone. "You don't care"...well, great? I'm ok with people saying this game masterpiece, but one of reasons internet is so putrit nowadays is that everyone feels offended or attacked when they hear people having different takes on their favorite games. Also, it's not like people don't have valid reasons to be sour with this game when it's started as a broken mess.
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I started it on PS5 recently and really started to enjoy my time with it. But Elden Ring came out and I got side tracked. Looking forward to going back.


Ill be giving it a go here in a few weeks now that it has upgraded next gen stuff.

Music and story can pull me through most of a game.


I really like it.

I need to play it again after the last huge patch(es). Probably wait for the story DLC before I do, though.


I hope it's much better than I remember because I only played like 4 hours and got 3 gamebreaking bugs where I couldn't move the story forward.

Most of the truly gamebreaking bugs from launch have been fixed, but there are still some lingering minor ones out there that still happen. Things like texture occasionally disappearing so you (or your car) gets stuck in a missing bit of terrain, or sometimes loading into the game and having all your character's clothes unequipped (NSFW, behold my naked Jackie Wick gunslinger). But the really severe ones that would break progression or crash the game? I hadn't run into any of those after 1.5, unlike when I initially played at launch.
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i tried to get back into it last nite. its such a slog. It doesn't run well, doesn't feel good, doesn't look great. It feels like trying to play a PS3 game. Or a budget game.

U try to like it, but everything is actively working against u
lol wtf are u playing on? a nintendo wii u? game feels great, looks fucking amazing maxed out on PC, runs buttery smooth now...the fuck.


I loved the world and atmosphere. I put in over 100 hours and had no ragrets. I came to it late though, so it had been patched a few times plus I had a 3080 which was enough to brute force near max graphical settings.

My biggest issue is that it sort has no end game or new game plus. I'm hoping the new content that they have planned is substantial as I really want to get back in to that world.


I've had a bunch to do so I've been on a game diet. Mechwarrior 2 only. I know, that's weird. After this weekend, everything is done and this is the game I've been waiting to jump into.


I loved that game, finished it twice (on PC). I wish we had some big DLCs by now.
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Started with patch 1.5 on PS5 which makes a difference. I’d say it’s a great game which has some weak parts.

Would try DLC and/or a sequel.


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Played it recently on the ps5. I waited for the next gen update. It's mediocre at best. I really wanted to like it,


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It is one of the best narrative games and cities I've ever played in. There's definitely a lot less to do than in Witcher 3 (the sense of urgency in the game is such though that I never missed side activities), but the actual questing content in the game is so on point.

. . .this is why I hope we get a robust MP experience that has excellent time-wasting activities. I can see why it doesn't make sense in the main game, but GTA: Online by way of Night City would be fantastic.


It’s not amazing, but a solid game that is worth a playthrough. Some good side missions. Combat works (but is too fiddly).

It was just too confused. Game doesn’t know if it wants to be a story driven rpg or a gta style dickhead simulator.


I loved the game, but I was also fortunate enough to play it maxed out on a high-end pc. Played the PS5 version and the game still looks a generation behind the maxed out pc version. Sucks most people haven't been able to experience Cyberpunk the way it was meant to.


It's everything I wanted it to be. I held off till the next gen patch. Had a blast with very little down time to bugs.

Played as a psycho melee slasher first female play through.

Went all guns and tech second male playthrough.

It's what I wished the original Watch Dogs would be. Insane visual detail, lots of side content, very fleshed out world in a setting I love.

Super happy I waited. My experience was not most people's experience at launch time I know.


Things that I did not like about the game:

1. Limited save files.
2. Save files are not partitioned by characters.
3. Origin story doesn't have an impact on the story, not living up to Dragon Age: Origins level.
4. Unable to change your Cyberwear in character customization.
5. No vehicle customization.
6. No new game Plus.
7. Not being able to shoot while you drive.
8. Quality is less than GTA V.
9. No online like GTA V.
10. Everyone glitches back to the tower because of missable collectibles.
11. No immersion. A lot of stores have open on the widow but is locked.
12. No cutscenes of having cyberware installed as your body gets slowly replaced.
13. No third-person view.
14. No vertical parkouring.
15. No operation transit system, feels lazy.
16. No escalators.
17. Weird mirrors that you have to interact with.

Could have been better. Didn't live up to the potential.


I have 46 hours on it, at launch
The design of the Night City is great especially the verticality, gunplay and melee felt good (stealthy katana assassin is best), story is passable.
The problem is that the world felt really empty, more dead than Witcher 3. People felt like robots walking around while cars just wander aimlessly. The interaction with everything in the city is awful.

I replayed it a bit last night to check our the not-so-recent new patches and it felt the same. There is just something odd about the world that felt really static.
Somehow the Hong Kong portrait in Sleeping Dogs felt more alive.


100% agree with OP. I was this games biggest critic before it released. Then picked it up when it was cheap and loved it
The concept is amazing (including Keanu Reeves as your ghost companion), but the execution was below average.
And that’s when I totally ignore all the game breaking bugs.

In the end it plays like a bad first person shooter. They should consider hiring more game designers for their next project and make sure the game itself is actually fun to play.
And I don’t know what happened to the writing team of The Witcher 3, but pretty much every side quest story in Cyberpunk is dull as fuck.
You know what I got it when it in the sale and its a good game, not the shit show people made out.
But I will say it hardly keeps my attention, Ive been burning through the main campaign and trying to get it done.

V impressed with the world they have built and environment. But Its an open world first person shooter, there isn't too much they can do to really innovate, my point is there isn't much here going on that I haven't seen before.
No, no, no. When it launched it was 1000% "the shit show people made out" to be. I love how people try to rewrite the history of this game, as if it was not a broken disaster at launch.


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It's the best realized modern city in videogame history. I've never seen it done better, even when compared against GTA. I know what GTA does better, but this one captures the alive, fully built and lived in atmosphere and feeling so much better.

And, yes, it's a genuinely incredible game. The updated version now is so much better than what the game was originally, and I already enjoyed it.


It was very enjoyable on PC with high end specs. But where it shit the bed for me was how damn short it was for what I was expecting also not being able to play after the ending you got is really a let down. Just plops you back right at the start of the final mission after you beat it that's very lazy.


The version of the game available to me at launch was broken(PS4),so I didn't play it and they lost a sale......as time has passed I've become less interested in the game.
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