Do you think Consoles should only have Discless SKU's since Blu-ray is pointless anyway?

Do you think Consoles should only have Discless SKU's since Blu-ray is pointless anyway?

  • Consoles should remove Pro-Disc SKU's, switch out discs for those who want physical to SD/USB/Cards

    Votes: 10 13.9%
  • Consoles should continue to increase in price and offer less quality by keeping the Disc-drives.

    Votes: 59 81.9%
  • This option for PC users. Poll is only for console gamers, but we know you want to click something

    Votes: 3 4.2%

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Is this cat saying printing a bunch of Blurays would be more expensive than writing a bunch of 50+Gig SD/USB/Cards?

The removal of the drive AND associated parts needed to operate and interact with the drive, which people forget about, creates a large savings pool to the corporation and consumer that make up for the slight increase over printing on discs.


They are like 1000 times more expensive to produce ...
Disc became big because it’s cheap, we had cartridges before ...

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Both the Xbox Series' and PS5's are making half-steps to a Blu-ray free future with two digital only SKU's, but now that gaming consoles are using such compromised and degraded parts to "use" Blu-ray discs, the Discs are now MORE pointless than they were last gen this gen. Effectively at this point Blu-ray discs on current consoles are only used for verification activation, they don't even have the same interaction the Xbox one and PS4 had with the disc itself, and the actual drives themselves were made with such incompetence and minimal effort you can easily find Digital games and video that surpass the BR players in these new machines.

As a matter of fact, it is objective that you can buy sub $100 dedicated Blu-ray devices and receive better video, 2013 is long gone we are now in 2021 let us be honest, the only reason why we have Pro-Disc SKU's is to give fake appeal to people who say they "love physical" because they have been brainwashed through media and technological corporate propaganda that "discs" are the only option for "physical" to scam them for cash, and these same users have been made to buy into the hallucination and abject rejection of reality, that they "own" their games. Something that has been proven untrue around 10 years ago or more.

There is nothing stopping people from putting USB's, SD's, or digital cards inside a box, maybe add a few pages of colorful art and details in a short manual, and then calling it physical. There is no valid reason to include a low-grade disc drive and associated chips to take "advantage" of such drives, which they don't take advantage of in actuality.

As a consequence of continuing this irrational action, we have seen the end of the $99 console, and as this new gen starts the end of the $199 console because the inflated costs have made it impossible to drop the price down while sustaining a sustainable margin needed to keep running in this industry. It is also true that continuing to use the drives technology themselves has potentially possible health hazards to the user. The disc drives drive the price up of consoles to the point we are looking at $500 as the new normal instead of being a preposterous suggestion just 7 years ago.

If we want to see $99 consoles appear again, to see companies not need to spend as much to produce and distribute consoles, which may allow new competitors after nearly 20 years to (seriously) actually enter the industry and foster competition, and remove this nonsensical theory that gamers own their games, we need to remove disc drives and go all digital and replace discs with one of the three alternate solutions I mentioned. There is no other option short of switching physical media from disc drives to taking USB and SD's, which don't require expensive additional hardware.

As of now with the Xbox Series' systems and the Playstation 5's systems, there is NO advantage or benefit to having a Blu-ray drive on a console over a traditional Blu-ray for movies, and with digital cards, USB, or SD solution being considered there is NO advantage of continuing to use a Blu-Ray drive for games. The BR association was a failure that never materialized and it was a bogus scam project in the first place, as they rob you from the sluts of their brows. Whether with BR or the new ooohhhh UHD BR, doesn't matter the issues above are still accurate regardless of which of the two we are discussing.

So I open a vote to see where people stand on this issue due to the above facts. I'm interested in seeing if the opinions on this board have changed since 2013.
ahhhh... UHD movies? Home theatres where people are after the best picture and sound quality.
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People like blu ray and UHD disc movies believe it or not, They are also better value than digitally due to used market.

Not to mention better IQ and sound.

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I haven't bought a game on disc since PS3, so I'm happy to save $100 and get the better looking PS5 Digital Edition.

But I do like to be able to watch some Blu-ray movies cause video streaming doesn't work if my internet goes down, and Blu-ray movies have better video and audio quality than streaming.

So I bought a 4K Blu-ray player for $150 a few years ago and thats all I need for the next 10 years or whatever. I like having the option to shut my console off entirely when I watch a movie, and I find the disc drives in consoles to be a bit louder than most dedicated players. Plus I can someday sell my PS5 when I want to buy a PS6 without losing my Blu-ray drive, etc.

To each their own though. Disc drives in consoles won't die until either Sony or Microsoft decide that an entire generation of games will only be sold digitally. Even them, people will still want the disc drive for older games and movies. So by then, maybe just offer an external drive accessory or something. Lots of people will still prefer installing games from discs over downloads.


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Digital games are more expensive than physical (here in Sweden at least), and can't be resold. So no thanks.

Plus, I'm just a physical collection kinda guy.
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I really want to know what happened to OP to give him such an illogical hate boner for blu ray.

He has been saying ridiculous shit about Blu-Ray for years. None of it is true.


Keep disc drives. I like being able to buy physical since I can sell after beating/dropping as I don't collect and rarely replay things. I also still have DVDs, Blurays and a couple UHDs I occasionally want to watch and don't really want to shell out for a standalone player. Discs are also good for people with slower internet to at least only be stuck waiting on patches vs. having to download whole games and the patches.

Just make a disc version for people who want it like me and cheaper digital only for those who don't like Sony did with the PS5. Options are always a good thing.
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Having less options will never be a good thing.

Also, there are still 10s of millions of people stuck with Internet connections below even 10mbps (myself included).


No. I want to watch movies that aren't compressed crap. You can tell the difference of a Disney + stream vs 4k bluray.


I actually wonder if games will go all digital before they ship in SD cards or something other than discs. I believe it will very difficult to get rid of physical media, but maybe disc will still disappear?


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I'll probably never buy a game on disc again so I wouldn't care if consoles didn't have disc drives. I don't watch movies on disc either.

So I'd be ok with an all digital machine. I'll probably get a digital only PS5 when some games I want release for it.

I do like Switch carts but I could live without them.
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