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A full tech review of Namco Bandai Studio's latest - a stylish action JRPG with beautiful art direction and music. Next-gen machines are in the spotlight: how do Xbox Series X and PS5 compare in their bid for a full 4K60? And does Series S hold up with its own 1440p target of 60FPS? Tom digs in to find out.

- PS5/Series X/Series S
- Both PS5 and Series X push 4k (3840x2160p at 60fps) with help of DRS and UE4 temporal reconstruction
- Both PS5 and Series X runs between navite 4k and 1440p as the lowest
- Series S push 1440p at 60 with DRS, reconstruction as well and some reduce into settings like AF
- Series S runs between native 1440p and 900p as the lowest
- Perfomance time
- Series S runs fine at 60 fps with some little dips at 59 in the city
- Meanwhile, in battle Series get some drops to 56
- Cutscenes take a hit as well, drops to 53
- Series X runs 60 without problems at city
- In battles Series X suffers from some drops to 56
- Cutscenes there are some drops too, to 57
- PS5 runs at 60 most of the time
- In Battle PS5 get drops to 57
- In the same cutscene, PS5 drops to 58
- Perfomance: PS5>Series X> Series S
- PS5 don't have option for VRR as mention by Tom
- Loading time
- Both PS5 and Series X are pretty close, PS5 loads at 6.5 sec while Series X loads at 7.3 sec
- Other places as mention in the video, there like to like, PS5 loads at 5.2 sec while Series X loads at 5.6
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Pretty much exactly the same.

PS5 slightly better, but Xbox has VRR

Yup, Sony has not delivered VRR, Nvme drive upgrade possibility and Folders for our games in the PS5 OS yet.

This is pretty annoying, especially VRR and folders they should be relatively easy to implement (VRR is a hardware feature, I bed AMD has the code to show how to implement it at the OS level). I assume they have some hardware hurdle for the nvme solution.
Summary without watching OP?
  • Dynamic 4K on PS5 and XSX. Native 4K during exploration, and 1296-2160p during heavy fight scenes. 1440p is more common. Identical image quality.
  • 1440p max on XSS. 900p-1296p during fight scenes. 1296p is more common. Lower image quality.
  • Upscaling and reconstruction is great on all consoles, and look very 4K-ish clean.
  • 60 FPS on all platforms.
  • Series S struggles to hold 60 FPS occasionally during exploration and mostly during each fight scene.
  • Xbox Series X has some frame drops during fight scenes.
  • PS5 also has some minor frame drops during fight scenes, but it is the most stable of all the 3 consoles tested.
  • PS5 has a 0.5 to 1.5 second advantage in loading time. ~6 seconds on PS5 vs. ~7 seconds on Xbox.
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Both consoles look great, but I picked this up on PC where I modified it to run in ultrawide which I feel like gives it the edge over its console counterparts.


Ideally the same but a little better framerate on PS5. Seems like the narrative will be for most games little better framerate on PS5 and if there is a difference in res a little bit on Xbox side.
These systems are pretty much neck and neck. Which I think is a good thing
It will also depend a lot on the engine in some cases.
This is the first time I actually properly looked at in-game footage for the first time. Isn't it pretty?! Gameplay also looks fun. I'll check out some reviews and put it on my "discount list".

It's a good game. A little heavy on exposition and some of it can seem samey but overall a great effort.


This is the first time I actually properly looked at in-game footage for the first time. Isn't it pretty?! Gameplay also looks fun. I'll check out some reviews and put it on my "discount list".
Same, it wasn't in my radar at all but it looks damn pretty. Might be worth trying the demo.
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Good looking game with great performance all around. Nice. And honestly, I wouldn't be able to tell there were these minor frame drops without DF analysis.


I like the game so far.
Combat is satisfying and the story is better than expected.
I will watch the anime on Netflix to find some Codes (and it’s sunrise, they are Gundam)


LOL my laptop with a 1050 can run the game at 60fps...i would assume next gen consoles could hit 4k 60 easily.
DRS is very passive, works at the limited to hit 60fps and waits for the FPS to drop to adjust to a lower level.
This looks like very easy to fix on all machines.
I'm playing it on my PS5 and have been loving it so far. Good to see the devs put in work and those minor blips aren't an issue to worry about for either platform it seems

Let the arguing over a few frames between the two platforms commence as if they matter :messenger_grinning_smiling:


Someone on Reddit was impressed that the demo of the One X version was supposedly 4k and 60fps, and I noted that the Series X version had noticeable framerate drops so the One X would likely not hold it.

I got down voted for saying that with someone said they'd played it multiple times on Series X without a drop.

You literally cannot make any statements about Xbox on Xbox sub-Reddits if it is at all negative lol.


Thinks mods influence posters politics. Promoted to QAnon Editor.
How many people have a VRR TV? I don't and don't know anyone that does. Is it like a 2020 and newer feature? Seems like a great misdirection for those defenders of frame drops.


Very close and in real gaming no one hardly notice, but there can be only one winner, PS5 the performance king of the gen its looking like.

Also I dont get DF's framerate counter, clearly closer to 50 than 60 on the graph, yet shows 56 fps....

Yer, your right, I mean it does look like it's below the halfway mark of 60-50, to me, it looks like it's about 53, be interesting to see what the other tech channels say when they test it.
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