Cooler Master starts production of 'Orb-X immersive gaming pod'. PCmag releases hands-on video. $15,000 (station only) upgrades to be released in 2023


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I'm at Dreamlab to test a pre-release ORB X(Opens in a new window), a $15,000 semi-enclosed gamer pod/workstation from Cooler Master. The unit is 6 by 6 feet, made of vacuum forming thermoplastic polymer and surrounded by an Addressable RGB (ARGB) LED strip that glows in heliotrope neon, like something out of a sci-fi series. It presents a unique take on the gaming chair, and could also appeal to traditional offices, if you can justify the cost. Here's what to expect.

Once inside the ORB X cockpit, I flip manually through the various headrest and lumbar settings, using the remote controller to bring up the footrest on the ergonomic leather gaming chair. Meanwhile, the fully automated shuttle dome moves down toward me, shunting the 34-inch monitor into position in front of my face.

You can switch out the large screen for three 27-inch monitors, if you prefer, and the ORB X comes with HDMI cables that can support 4K resolution. By pressing down on the larger of the console buttons for 5 seconds, you can also save personal settings, so everything—including the monitor height—will be at your chosen specifications on subsequent sessions.

A mid-gameplay session of Apex Legends is paused on the monitor for me. I start hitting the W, S, A and D keys to hunt down villains on the horizon and get a feel for the ORB X as a gaming environment, which is encompassing yet not entirely isolating. The custom-built, 2.1 spatial audio system includes two full-range speakers and a subwoofer, so the immersive backdrop of surround sound is complete.

Hand-on video

The only thing I think is missing from the ORB X is advanced haptics, similar to the 4DX cinema experience. While actively gaming, or watching immersive entertainment, the ability to add to sensations through motion effects, like pitch and roll, would be welcome.

Hung says it’s on the Cooler Master production schedule. "We’re targeting 2023 for upgrades, including focusing on the haptic function of the recliner."

While many manufacturers hire third-party design agencies to bring them the cool factor, Hung says this device was designed and developed solely in-house. It also appears to be part of a larger vision to get Cooler Master from a PC DIY company into more of the tech lifestyle category.

Specs, Price, and Customization​

If your tech lifestyle can run to $15,499, you can pre-order the ORB X this month. But that’s the price for the station only. If you want customization, or added complexity in the setup, the price will go up.

Current customization focuses on the shell color (Universe Black or Arctic White) and gaming chair (brown or black), with lead times depending on the level of complexity. The ARGB also has eight mode effects.

Unsurprisingly, the ORB X weighs 757.3 pounds (532 kg) so make sure your floors can take it. And as anyone who has sat with their laptop on their legs for too long, overheating is always a concern when it comes to electronics. As befits the company name, this is something Cooler Master feels qualified to solve.

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This actually does seem cool on the surface. My biggest problem with this though is the price and not just because of the amount but because a lot of what they are marketing with this pod, doesn't actually come with it. The "starting" price is $15,000 (and so far no payment plan yet) the upgrades are all separate, and more upgrades are planned for 2023 which will cost you even more to have all the best features and specs.

If you go with the entry price you are effectively buying an over 730 pound gaming chair with a bunch of heavy shiny metal surrounding it along with a sci-fi look only. Just the chair and normal set up isn't worth $15,000, in fact imo none of it is but if they at least included all the bells and whistles I could at least understand the marketing plan, but $15,000 for barebones is just fishing for the gullible that will by the base station for the 5th element look.

Otherwise you can just get a gaming desk, with three screens hooked to a display rod or overhang, with your keyboards and controllers slitted in and other features, for less than $3000. Maybe even less than 2k this past sales week, in a dedicated gaming room, or just your room with the door closed.

I don't even think rich gamers and businesses will take much interest at that price because for less that $800 you can recreate a similar experience outside of the heavy metal pod itself

But if anyone wants to buy it the preorder link is available above, well, they closed pre-orders and have a waitlist now for the next round, so I guess some people must have interest in it.
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No. Not a chance in hell.

Though it does remind me of a cancelled accessory for the Wii. I was so hyped for it, lol.

"Yeah, you thought you were living the high life with that pair of rechargeable batteries and tennis racket attachments you ponied up for -- too bad you weren't even halfway to awesome. Nyko's new "Wii Party Station" is the only way to live, with room to charge four Wiimotes, hold and chill four adult beverages and room to house the all important chip and dip bowl and various Wiicessories. Best of all is the completely superfluous score board to make your smack talk so much more effective, and the hand cooling fan really seals the deal. For $25, if you don't have one of these 12 seconds after they hit store shelves, we can't be friends anymore."

Kinda seems silly if you can't sleep in it. If you're gonna buy a gamer pod, I'd imagine you want to live in that thing 24/7.

This is basically just a big desk with hanging monitors.


At the bare minimum, they could have given gamers some free lube...makes the price easier to take if you make the purchase. 😄


What if it breaks after 5 years or so? Who I take it to for repairing? Can't imagine having that expensive stuff I cannot repair myself or pay too repair lol
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