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Console Screenshot thread 2021 |OT|


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Welcome to the neoGAF 2020 console screenshot thread!!!


We'll make it as painless as possible, but some guidelines to keep the thread sensible for everyone else.

1. Non-emulator screenshots only.
2. Gaf uses 'lazy loading' in spoiler tags. This means the images will load when users click the spoiler rather than on page load. Consider using them as a courtesy for mobile users and 4K images
3. Two screenshots per post, and two consecutive posts allowed.
4. Put the name of the game and the console you took the shots (see also number 6).
5. Do not post major plot points from games released in the last 2 months. Try to keep spoilers to a minimum. And before you accuse another poster of posting a spoiler think first if your post might actually give spoiler context to a post where there was none before.
6. While 4K images are allowed, you are highly encouraged to take 1080p screenshots instead (see 2.)



Have fun GAF!
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