CD Projekt Red announces that Cyberpunk 2077's next-gen upgrade is coming Q1 2022


Eh, everyone I know that played on PC said its fantastic, if the next gen upgrades can get it up to / close to that then I'll be there.


So one year of basically nothing and false promises - again.

I expect their FAQ to change soon.
Can we sue?


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I can't understand why people are so angry at these delays, they are not really significant, its just next-gen upgrade lol. Witcher 3 i played 2 times already, so the next-gen upgrade getting delayed doesnt bother me one bit, the game is out there, complete and still looks good, i dont think this upgrade is going to overhaul the whole game, its just improvements in visuals and textures and probably some new minor stuff added. Nothing worth to be angry at.
Cyberpunk 2077 next-gen for consoles is at least more important, its a delay to make better visuals on the PS5/XBox hardware, currently the game runs at PS5 using PS4 technology so that upgrade could be important to people who care a lot about graphics, otherwise it doesnt make sense to be angry if you didnt like/enjoy the game, and many people hate this game so why get angry at this delay? it doesnt make sense.

I already expected Cyberpunk next-gen will be in 2022 and i won't come back to play it unless they release an expansion with it, next-gen is not enough, as for the Witcher i expected it to come this year, carefully timed with the Netflix show, but it got delayed and it doesnt bother me at all.
They delayed it because its not finished and they already learned their lesson about rereleasing unfinished stuff, so again people are just looking for reasons to be angry at this developer that if you chill and think about it, there's no reason to be angry anymore, the shitstorm already happened, the games have their issues, i believe the anger and frustration at this company is done by people who still waiting for the MIRCALE Comeback. its not coming, the only little chance is in the expansions and its little.
And many delays are happening already, i hate delays but it seems to be the trend currently. Elden Ring 5 weeks delay is more frustrating to me than 1 year delay of any next-gen upgrade.
You make some good points.

I’m not annoyed anymore, just sad that they attempted to basically sell a Borderlands clone with a better story as something that was truly groundbreaking.

that’s the vibe I got of this game in about 15-20 hours I played it. It’s basically borderlands in a condensed city with better graphics and worse AI.


Ok I’m disappointed for Witcher 3 but on the other hand, if they make it like the VGA Trailer they showed the first time then I’ll wait. No prob.


I hope it comes with a huge patch for all platforms as well. I'm ok with waiting if they learned their lessons on overpromising and underdelivering.


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People are not pissed off at Elden Rings delay because From Software have built up tons of good will, and there is trust there that it will turn out to be an amazing product.

CDPR on the other hand destroyed every ounce of theirs with their false advertising bullshit.

That's the difference.
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CDPR needs to move on... any more money wasted fixing that game is for nothing.

If they ever fix all that can be fixed the game will be less than $10 by then.


Maybe the job Saber are doing isn’t up to snuff and they don’t want another backlash so they have brought it back in house? Or some shit like that or I could be totally wrong .

It’s a mess really , I was looking forward to replaying Witcher this winter.
Saber is probably the best company for remasters after Bluepoint

Crysis, Witcher 3 and Alien for the Switch were all excellent. And their work on the Crysis Trilogy was really good.

I'm honestly baffled by this delay, because they are a very competent studio
Definitely the right call to delay Cyberpunk given all the fall out from last years failed launch. Just shows they launched that game at least 12 months early which is incredible really.

They can’t afford to mess it up again. Hopefully this means there are actual gameplay improvements to the next gen version such as proper ped AI and an actual wanted system.

As for the Witcher 3, that is just bizarre considering it’s a six year old game. Didn’t they announce the next gen port over a year ago?

I would have thought they would have wanted it out to coincide with the Netflix show this December.
Yeah, I'm not expecting things I want "fixed" on the console versions to even be on their next gen upgrade roadmap. The aiming is horrible to start with.
At this point I would have rather the announcement been that they just moved on from both of these things, put both teams on Witcher 4, and that it would be ready when its ready - no date needed just get to work.


It's not like they can afford to launch these upgrades if they're not fully polished this time.
I've enjoyed Cyberpunk last year on PS5 notwithstanding some bugs and crashes so I'm looking forward to the big story DLCs and the proper next gen version.
Damn 😥 these folks can't keep a deadline for shit lol
Biggest mistake was releasing that roadmap for the bug fixes, next gen update and DLC. They painted yet another bullseye on their backs doing that while under a mountain of pressure to fix the existing issues with the game.

These guys learned nothing from the mess they created at launch. This developer is a complete and utter mess and their reputation is shot.


CDPR needs to move on... any more money wasted fixing that game is for nothing.

If they ever fix all that can be fixed the game will be less than $10 by then.
Most of the audience who bought Cyberpunk are on the PC, not consoles. There is still a substantial console market to tap into. There is also the release of the expansions and the possibility of releasing a fully fixed up GOTY edition with the expansions included.


I remember setting up the refund for the PS4 version of cyberpunk. The store practically begged me to reconsider, saying the next gen update was just around the corner, and please just give them some time to iron out the 'issues'.

Fuck that gimme my money.


They are never going to rush anything again after getting burned so badly. They will try to have the game in the best state they can so they can sell the expansions. I expect witcher 3 also being delayed as hell until it is absolutely ready (which seems what people wanted from them so weird reactions in here).


Looking forward to seeing what it's like. Probably will take a few patches on the next gen version to get it up to scratch.

hemo memo

People are being babies about cyberpunk when I was a kid I would be greatful as hell to have a game like this these are grown men crying about a video game.

The Cyberpunk hate lasted for a second and still sold millions, the game isn't going to be in anyone's top 10 games of all time lists, it's a decent game that was taken advantage of by reviewers over a game just needing a patch.

Classic example of trying to make a game look bad
Are you serious? Just needing a patch? Your image is a review of the PS4 version. The PS4 version was broken at release. 57 score is generous for a game that plays at 20fps and crashes every minute.


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I was hoping to play Cyberpunk on my XSX over the Christmas break, but it looks like that aint happening!
I wasn't expecting to play Cyberpunk tbh but I honestly was expecting to finish the Witcher3 DLCs over xmas, gotta say that disappoints but take your fucking time and simply release it when it's done and perfect


I bought Cyberpunk on my Xbox one x instead of ps4 pro at release because I figured - hey it should run fine on the fastest last Gen console... But driving was super annoying and with a notable stutter every 10-15 seconds.

Later, in the spring, I got a xsx figuring it'd run perfect and next gen version patch would come out in the summer.

So I've been waiting to finish the game after the patch. Patch delayed lol

In the meantime, I bought Witcher for my xsx - I figured I'd play the game this Xmas vacation while waiting for the cyberpunk patch.. Patch delayed lol

So the moral of the story - don't pre-order, don't assume it'd run fine, don't trust release dates and make plans.

And never pay more than 20 bucks for a computer game ;)
I remember setting up the refund for the PS4 version of cyberpunk. The store practically begged me to reconsider, saying the next gen update was just around the corner, and please just give them some time to iron out the 'issues'.

Fuck that gimme my money.
I got to level 50 of my character before they fully refunded me. For that 2 weeks waiting for my refund to come through I grinded out as much as I could.
Thought I may as well play the shit out of it before I get my $. Ended up buying 2 other games on the PS store with the Cyberpunk money 😁
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