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CD Projekt faces a second class-action lawsuit over Cyberpunk 2077


"Stock value" is not real value.
The company's real worth comes from how much money it makes from sales, not from what the "market" predicts it will perform with some sort of gambling.

It's not seen that way when a company's own statements can have a direct impact on the "odds" and the fact that such statements can result in financial gain for the company (via investments). This isn't child's play.

Being Polish I agree with you 100% :messenger_grinning_sweat: Working in Polish corpos, good times:

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Unfortunately it happens far too often with companies that experience exponential growth and don't adapt their structure and policies accordingly. There should be a legal and PR team that take command of these calls to the extent that all questions are anticipated and all answers are pre-rehearsed.


Do these things ever produce results?
Class action lawsuits? They can completely annihilate the company getting sued, the total amounts awarded are usually staggering. Unfortunately, about two thirds of that money goes to lawyers and legal fees, and what is left is divided among whoever chose to participate. If you bought Cyberpunk on console at launch and opt-in to the class action lawsuit, you can expect a check 4 years from now for $15.
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Man would’ve loved to see Ubisoft get this sort of backlash for watch dogs lol. CDP pulled a Ubisoft and got fucked harder lol
No Ubisoft game had this level of performance issues. Even Unity was better at launch and not even close and yes I’ve played Unity at launch.
So have I. Unity was unplayable on pc. Only thing Ubisoft got different was, their game sucked on PC and CDPs game sucked on console.


Well I understand that people are upset. I think I even remember posting a kind of "lie" from the PR myself in this forum (he was saying Old Gen consoles perform incredibly well if I remember).

So there were some missteps certainly, but we need to be careful with what we ask for. Because the consequence of these events could simply mean that CDPR gives up on games like Cyberpunk and the Witcher.
You are saying this as if this game was the most ambitious game ever released

It was not. We got better developed games and with just as much (and in some cases, way more) content than this.

This failure is on them and their incompetent management. If this leads them to making games with smaller scopes in the future, it will be their fault.

Making big budget AAA games at this day and age is hard and costly af. Few companies are able to do so.

Imo, if they are able to deliver a better product in a smaller scope, I'll be all in for it.
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