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Canceled Portal Prequel is Getting An Official Video Series

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Nov 21, 2014

During development, the planned prequel project was called F-Stop with the official title later being known as Aperature Camera having a similarly direct name like its predecessor. Valve gave the source code to indie developer LunchHouse Software who is releasing a video series called “Exposure” on the unfinished game. On the Exposure website, the developer states “Exposure is a documentary-type archeological journal of F-STOP from LunchHouse Software. The mechanics are not based on speculation or hearsay. Instead, Exposure uses the original, official code from Valve’s own F-STOP, or as it was properly named, Aperture Camera. We look forward to sharing more in the near future.”

LunchHouse has released a short teaser debuting the gameplay of Aperture Camera for the very first time. Instead of a portal gun, the player is equipped with a camera that will transport items that are taken with the camera into a photo. With the photo, you can replace and resize the item to help solve the puzzle.

For those unaware, it is not a secret that Valve was working on a Portal prequel as it was confirmed in Geoff Keighley’s book “The Final Hours of Portal 2.” As of now, we do not know who we are playing as in the game, but according to Keighley’s book, it is safe to say that it is not Portal protagonist Chell. There is no announcement as of yet, as to when the video series will begin so if you’re interested in checking it out I would keep a close eye on the LunchHouse Software YouTube channel BoxandRocks.
Not open for further replies.