Apple estimated to earn more from gaming than Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo


Candy Crush micro transactions isn't the same thing as what the big 3 offer no matter how bad Tim Cook wants you to believe it.


They are very different. But how long until one exec gets the light-bulb moment and says "if mobile gaming is more popular, why not we make that our primary model and spend 80% of our resources on?" That's what I am afraid of and that's why I don't support these money-driven mobile games. I never play or pay for them.
Executives at Sony and Microsoft already had that light bulb moment, hense the Sony-Ericsson and Microsoft-Nokia deals from days gone by. Easier said than done, as Sony and Microsoft probably lost billions on those ventures.


no suprise since mobile market is on whole different level in term of size.

wonder how streaming service gonna reflect this once it goes popular.
Makes me really sad, when companies like Sony spending billions of dollars in making high-quality AAA games with proper voice acting, mo-cap, direction, narrative, music, and sound design, and here mobile games are raking in more profitability that rarely has any effort except monetizing the hell out of it.

Also instills a fear in me that big publishers like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo may eventually give up on the games we love and enjoy and just adopt this model completely because it's more profitable and way less risky.

I don't want that future. Gaming is one of the very few things that give me immense enjoyment. Games like God of War, TLOU, RDR 2, Hades, Returnal. I don't want it to end.
Thats like a nice restaurant starting to make hot dogs. Never gonna happen.
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