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After all the mockery is Cyberpunk 2077 a good game?

Do you like Cyberpunk 2077?

  • It is a very good game.

    Votes: 165 46.7%
  • It is a good game.

    Votes: 99 28.0%
  • It is only ok

    Votes: 77 21.8%
  • It is very bad

    Votes: 12 3.4%

  • Total voters


The story and writing, I feel, is fantastic. Some amazing side quests, moral quandaries, etc.

The open world. a façade, nothing close to what they promised. Just a dead empty shell of cool things to quickly drive past.


I say it's OK. I still need to finish it but I put in probably 6 or so hours and it was literally just a FPS with basic skill tree mechanics. Unless the intro is long as hell and I didn't even get to the main game, I truly have no idea why some people speak so highly of it. Just felt like a shooter with mediocre AI.

Don't get me wrong either, there's nothing wrong with middle of the road shooters, my confusion is based on some of the praise people give it. It's like what game is this?

Aaron Olive

I think most here saw it as a bad joke at release. It was unplayable on the old consoles and very buggy on the others. The mood was very negative. I would be interested to know what the current mood is towards this game after almost 3 years. I played through it 2 times. I'm still not sure if it's a good game though. 50% of the game I like the other 50% I don't.

I like the setting a lot, but overall I was disappointed. Witcher 3 is one of my top games ever. It has its little problems, but they never bothered me that much. How do you see Cyberpunk 2077 today?

Edit: I must add that the German voice of the male actor was very bad and it takes you out of the game.

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It’s still very broken on console! So only ok.

1. NPC’s merge together during cutscene conversations in Afterlife bar.
2. Music missing or car sounds while driving.
3. Audio not playing during phone calls sometimes after multiple save loads only to be fixed by closing app.
4. Mission completion bugs
5. Hacking computers causes you to randomly float in the air.
6. UI goes missing randomly at times.
7. Sometimes rare crashes to dashboard on PS5.
8. Ped A.I. fucking stupid.
9. Some car loops are amateur as a 1980’s racing game.
10. Car physics / interactiveness fucking suck.
11. Hacking sound effect gets stuck in memory and keeps ticking in your ears.

These are the issues I’m experiencing as of 4/5/23 cause I’m just now playing this game.
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I say it's OK. I still need to finish it but I put in probably 6 or so hours and it was literally just a FPS with basic skill tree mechanics. Unless the intro is long as hell and I didn't even get to the main game, I truly have no idea why some people speak so highly of it. Just felt like a shooter with mediocre AI.

Don't get me wrong either, there's nothing wrong with middle of the road shooters, my confusion is based on some of the praise people give it. It's like what game is this?
The characters feel like real people.


Does not live up to anything promised. Makes poor use of the setting, limited possibilities, pointless celebs, story and side missions are eh, but there are a few that were ok.

Graphics seem to be the only thing people keep going on and on about. Looks good but whats the point if the game sucks?

Its a good $30 game.
It was in a rough state on PC when first launched but perfectly playable compared to the console versions. I didn't have too much issues with the actual game apart from small bugs and performance issue. It was a good game back then and it is still a good game today.
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Yes, is pretty incredible how much people think is unplayable or terrible just because of the old compilations of bugs (mostly taken from the old gen version or things that could happen if you play it like a GTA, something that make no sense after you do for like 5 min the first time you free roam in the city), but I played it from day-one on Xbox One X and even with the framerate problems and the occasionally broke cutscenes, was stunning. If you like futuristic setting and cyberpunk this has always been a must have IMHO.


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It's a good action adventure title but a bad RPG. Original 2018 vision is nowhere to be seen.

Night City has virtually no interactivity which is a shame since overall City design and art direction are fantastic.

Random NPCs aren't even cardboard, they are toilet tissue. AI is .... Quest design is all over the place. Interestingly enough the first major mandatory quest is probably the one with most options.

I was disappointed, bugs aside. If you want a decent action adventure shooter, Cyberpunk delivers. If you want a grand RPG it's nowhere to be seen.

Thankfully modding scene has been blowing up and there are a ton of mods (and more on the way) that introduce more interactivity, AI, customizations, and so on into the game. Additional quests aren't quite there but mod developers are starting to make first ones as proof of concept.


I haven't played it much admittedly, but I watched my wife play through it and it seems fantastic, and she loved it. I'm waiting to go through it, as I wanna go through it with that new fangled overdrive ray tracing, but I ain't paying current Nvidia prices lol. Sooooo....patience is my virtue I suppose.


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If you're digging the game's aesthetics and vibe, it's a god-tier experience with amazing first person immersion.

Most amazing city design I've ever seen in a videogame. The urban density is insane, literally every way you look there is layer upon layer of buildings. It feels massive yet open, every area feels distinct yet still part of the same city. All the ingame advertisements, the neon signs, the audio design, it's insane the amount of work that went into all this.

Exquisite design work.


i want to judge it after the expansion is out, i think the car combat and new police will make the game feel a lot better. then you have new missions, new perks to look forward to. also the mods for this game are already crazy who knows how far they can take the game.


I liked what I played of it, but the experience was rather middle-of-the-road and didn't live up to expectations. I'll wait for the expansion (and the first big patch for it) before installing this one again.
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Its excellent, as long as your playing on PC, or PS5/Series X. PS4 or Xbox one? Don't bother, the game was too much for the old hardware. I think its action gameplay/character building is sort of mediocre- decent/functional/not great, but in terms of world building, cool characters/quests, immersive-ness, it's one of the best. Pretty much the standard deal for CD Projekt Red games.

Boss Mog

It's an amazing game, I was blown away by everything. I cannot wait for the DLC. I'm so glad I waited for the current gen version to play it.


Compared to Witcher 3 and all the prerelease hype was a letdown but Good game. Good enough to keep me playing till the end unlike most AAA games nowdays


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I loved it day 1, with all it's issues on SX. Now on a second play through and finally getting to what was promised.


I thought it was pretty good day 1, but I played it on PC, and didn't have any expectations going in.


I beat the game, and got a refund. They never asked for the game back. (They did, but it never amounted to anything after that. No followup email.)

Would buy again if the same conditions are met.


Open world experience is still lackluster and FAR inferior to even old GTAs. People think clearing bandit hideouts is “good open world” gaming.
i mean, its better than playing poorly made dart minigame in the middle of the desert.


Played on release on PC with a 1080Ti, bugged/slow didnt even make it to ACT 2 as decided to wait, parked it.

Got a 4070Ti a few weeks ago(no raytracing nonsense, excellent framerate), finished it with that but OMG thought it was amazing and the best game I've played in years.

I took it for what it is, open world but I ignored NPCs etc.(,which are also crap in GTA 5 let's not forget), atmosphere was great though.
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It has finally reached "pretty solid" status. I think it's worth the purchase now, but not quite the amazing RPG I was hoping for.
I loved it my second time around. Played a bit at launch and it was just too problem infested. Probably an unpopular opinion because from what I’ve read most people didn’t like them but I wish they had more brain dances. Idk if it was initially supposed to or if the ones you can buy were always just cosmetic but it seems like it was something that was cut back a lot based on how many of them vendors have that do nothing.


Not great, not terrible. It's like a futuristic GTA. And that's cool.
But if I wanna play the greatest Cyberpunk RPG of all time, I just replay Deus Ex.


Love it, played through it multiple times. Game at launch was unacceptable, but now it’s great. I just wish it had more content. Hoping that DLC will add enough to make it feel more complete.
It is an extremely mediocre game that is still relevant solely because of the developers reputation and the internets immense erection to anything cyberpunk themed.


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I want to try it but spanglish puts me off a lot... I hate seeing foreign characters mixing language like everyone know wtf they are talking about, it's like... kinda cringy try hard intent of a Latino...
We don’t really have many games with the level of production seen on Cyberpunk 2077. It is really sad that at the time a lot of people were hating the game just for fun.
It's a great game. Glad I waited for the PS5 version before playing it. One of the most unique and best realised game world's I've played in in a while. Great characters and top tier writing as you'd expect from CDPR.
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