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Activision Patent Could Lead to Dynamically Generated Games Based on What Players are Watching


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

A new patent filed by the major gaming publisher Activision hopes to bridge this gap between the interactivity and engagement that is possible with video games and the more casual viewing experience that is afforded by other video-based mediums. The patent discusses how many players are now choosing to play games while simultaneously enjoying other entertainment mediums, such as online streams or television shows. The idea for both gaming and TV on the same screen isn't a new one, but this new patent looks to automatically analyze the video currently being watched in order to generate a suitable game to play alongside it.

The Activision patent also hints that data from the video currently being viewed could be used to dynamically alter the content of the video game. It is unclear, however, whether this means that the game will simply be dynamically paused or moved around the screen in time with the other video content in order to keep the player from missing something important, or whether the content of the game could be directly influenced by the content of the current video.

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