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XSX cold boot: 20 seconds / PS5 cold boot: 22 seconds (from alleged leaked UI vid)


Nov 10, 2013
I don’t believe It all. Green screened hand with the weird light flickering, the boot sequence is exactly as long as what was revealed which means they did some layering/masking over the original to swap out the language and add the user cards. Easy.
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Ulysses 31

Nov 24, 2013
This is embarrassing, warring over boot times. Possibly a 2 second difference lol.

Both my consoles are always on stanby/rest mode. The fact that some of you even timed your consoles boot time is telling how sad your priorities are in life.
It hasn't fully dawned on you that we're in a war and in war you highlight every advantage, tiny as it may be, to preach to your choir!
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Jan 19, 2007
Barcelona, Spain
maybe PS5 'pre-caches' the last game you played on boot, so it 'loads' in 2 seconds?

just thinking out loud here
PS5 doesn't need to cache anything or to dump the RAM of the game into SSD space as Series X does.

PS5 will read from the SSD at ~8-9 GB/s and up to 22 GB/s depending on the case. Out of 16GB RAM, around 13.5 or 14GB should be available for games, so a PS5 game will fill the RAM in a cold loading in less than 2 seconds. And depending on the case, in less than 1 second (as an example, in an in-game loading where doens't have to fill all that RAM because part of it has menu stuff, basic stuff for the gameplay mechanics and main character, etc).

To this time you should add maybe some extra time to do some verifying with servers or maybe to create something procedurally in games like No Man's Sky or in certain huge open world games like the Ubisoft ones.

So if loading times for PS5 are like around a second or two long, I assume it doesn't make sense to waste ~100GB of SSD to store game cache dumping the RAM of up to 12 games on SSD as Series X to reduce that. Makes less sense considering PS5 will allow you to load the game directly in cold from the OS to a specific game mode, or in a specific custome challenge (like 'beat that lap time in certain circuit with a specific car') skipping menu and logo screens, in addition to load your savedata.
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Jun 24, 2010
PS4 and PRO do boot faster with an SSD.
The pro goes from about 25 seconds to 21 seconds with SSD. That is not much to write home about. People are talking as if they expect the PS5 / X1X to boot up in 2-4 seconds. The OS isn't even stored on the SSD. A lot of the boot time is initializing devices and doing security and integrity checks.
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Feb 14, 2013
Depends on your SSD but mine boots under 20. I don’t know how much slower it was because I replaced it right away. Still, it’s at least a 20% difference. So cold boot times have something to do with SSD. Next gen we’ll never know because they’re launching with SSD. SSD benefits everything even more if it’s optimized to. The PS4’s weren’t and still did.


Feb 24, 2015
I still don't get it. Battling between the two. Honestly, I truly feel like the differences between the two won't be gigantic by any means, much like previous years. I mean, come on, even if there is a two second difference is that gonna change how you feel about your preferred console?
Jun 17, 2019
This is absolutely nothing! My OG Gameboy loads up a game in a matter of seconds! I switch it on and poof, I'm playing! Beat THAT next gen! 😎
Jun 17, 2019
yeah that's been rumored for years, and MP4 looks to be while away too. I wouldn't be surprised if MP4 came out on the next Nintendo console instead.

I agree. Personally what I really want is the Wii U Zelda HD re releases bought over to Switch. Especially Windwaker which I love.

Anyway back to the console warz over boot up times.

Christ this is worse than the Sega VS Nintendo console warz.