What are some good RPG focused and indie focused Youtube channels?


Neighbours from Hell
I'm looking for some good Youtube channels that cover RPGs and indie games. I've googled and found a handful already and most of them really didn't impress me. Not that they were bad, but I don't mean this as a slight to them, they seem like fine people, but they felt overly scripted when they talk about games, and I like more natural improv.

A really good one I've found is (Formerly) Dark Pixel Gaming and now Resonant Arc. Not sure why he changed the name, I thought the former was better, but I digress.

I like HappyConsoleGamer as well. It's just a happy go lucky channel and you notice his enthusiasm for games.

SuperDerekRPGs is ok. Not my favorite, but solid.

What are some of the channels you follow for content on these genres?
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Neighbours from Hell
As many different kinds of RPG ranking list videos as you can imagine:

Erick Landon RPG
He was one of the ones I didn’t like. I didn’t wanna call it out by name because seems like a fine fella and works hard on his channel, but I find some of the things he says kinds cringey. Maybe he’s just not great at articulating his points. Like in some of his videos he’ll say something like “____ game had a battle system I really didn’t like. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great, but I just didn’t like it and it annoyed me very much” and I’m just like “…wut”

Im paraphrasing obviously.
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