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Am I the only one who didn’t know who Andrew Tate was before his supposed social media murder by the how dare you?
I had seen his name a bunch the last few days before this but I didn't know who he was either. He's got that same schtick as Dan bla whatever his name is


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I also knew Andrew Tate was an idiot. Not only did he get embarrassed by Greta, but his pathetic attempt to respond got him and his brother arrested 🤣.


Made a crappy phPBB forum once ... once.
What’s ironic is that part of the G looks like it’s had chewing gum stuck over it to make the C. Genius if that’s right.


A project I worked on if you were going to be eligible for certain things you had to go through a water crash simulation. Hit water undo seatbelt swim up and out. Pass the test you were eligible for test flights.
That is a good test. A real life lesson posed as a test.
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