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The PS5 is a lie!

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I agree. Basically we've had Ratchet & Clank that could be considered "woah next-gen" and that's pretty much it. There's not even much else on the horizon (possibly Horizon, pun absolutely intended) that looks "next-gen". Xbox seems to have given up with next-gen (chasing that Game Pass money instead) so the last resort was Playstation but now it's looking boring AF.

I'm actually glad I couldn't get my hands on a "next-gen" console at retail price. I suppose we can Xbox and Playstation were in the same boat after all, but Playstation was just really smart/cheeky about how they described it.

If anything, it's kinda like last-gen with how Xbox got absolutely fucked in the ass because of the whole "always-online" thing, but consider the state of console gaming now. Sure we're not at the point of used games being outlawed, but so many games launch essentially broken/unfinished and you have to download a "Day One Patch" to get them working as they were meant to. Sounds like DRM under a different name to me, and they've both been doing it pretty much since the start of last-gen. Again, Sony was just quiet about it.
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I've said it before and people here in GAF laughed at me, trolled me, and such... but facts remains, even if those people don't like it: The moment Xbox/Playstation entered the x86 realm, generations as we knew it were done for, due to the extreme scalability of said architecture.

Bitch, whine, cry all you want, but those are the facts.

Oh, and be prepared to see A LOT of PS5/Xbox in-house titles being ported to PC, thus becoming "non-exclusives" (as fanboys may say), simply because of how easy it is to port something from one platform (PS5/Xbox) to another (PC) when all of them share basically the same architecture.
Who cares beside a few forum dwellers? This is such a nothing burger.
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