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The NEC PC-FX! The biggest failure in console gaming ever


Oct 4, 2009
PC-FX usually is considered the successor of the PC Engine since it was the next generational jump in the console business produced by NEC (let's forget for a moment about the Supergrafx) however if I look at its software library it reminds me of another successful NEC product line: the PC-98.
It always give me the impression that the PC-FX was the next step in what was the japanese computer scene in the early '90s but in consolized form.

Of the lesser cited games in the PC-FX library, a shoutout for Fire Woman Matoigumi.
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Jul 2, 2021
Nintendo getting almost killed during late '90s:
Wow, that really puts things into perspective.

Not to mention Nintendo is sitting on a huge warchest of cash reserves. The whole Nintendoomed meme has been some of the fakest news ever I wonder how it was a thing for so long.
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Aug 5, 2009
Yes I mean neither the Wii U or the PC-FX broke at like a damn near 50% rate so....winning against MS on that front!
More to the point, it's the only MS console where the Xbox division was able to post a profit for every quarter.
Trolls can't seem to grasp that you can still make healthy profits without being number one


Mar 6, 2012
Wiki says it sold 75,000 units and only had 5 games.

Any console do worse?
Even though it only had 5 exclusive games, it could still play ever PCE game and if you got the CD add-on every PCE CD game.
I used to own a Super Grafx system (along with all 5 games!) and yeah it's basically just a PC Engine that can play a few extra games. (kind of like a New 3DS?)
I got rid of it along with the 5 games and just kept my PCE Duo-R (RGB modded) as I didn't really care about the 5 games.
(I was lucky enough to find all 5 games in a used store for 100 yen each. )

OT: I thought about buying a PC-FX, many times over the years, but the software isn't compelling enough to have to have an extra console at my place. I already have too many as-is. When it was current I thought it was interesting, but there was similar type software available for Saturn if I wanted. I only imported other genres of JP Saturn games though.


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Oct 21, 2019
I have 10 or so PC-FX games on my Pi 400. Really want to play the fan translated Pia Carrott game one day.

Emulation orks very well, so give it a shot those that are interested.