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The creator of Bloodborne PS1 demake announces Bloodborne Kart


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For some reason I always thought Bloodborne Demake was created modding the Nightmare Creatures' engine.

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I was sure by now the Sony legal team would shut him down but I guess not which is a bad thing but not from you might expect. It means they just dont give a shit about Bloodborne anymore :(


Love the talent behind this. The demake and this. Just makes you wonder why they didn't try to make original game and sell it.

Maybe they will?

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I think this is what we refer to in the biz as 'jumping the shark'.

Though the sheer exuberance of that announcer is good stuff :messenger_face_steam:
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I would love an announce for the second part of the bloodborne demake past Gascoigne. At least until Micolash or something.


This looks cool, but I cant help it but feel like their time/talent would be better spent on a new, original project that they can sell
Love the Akira reference.

Though I’d rather see such as talented creator creator their own original games. I want to see indie games with PS1 graphics.


Never got why demakes are so popular. Also seeing the person who makes these is enough to avoid all of this.

look at whose edgy lol

also Demakes often destill the essence of a game's design down to their core in order to work on older platforms. and that can be really fun.

not only that but each generation of games had their own feel and design philosophy that some might really love still.

the Bloodborne PSX demake is a great game that captures design choices and the feel of PS1 games really well.

this can't be hard to understand if you look at other media like movies or music. 80s music, 80s movies, hell 70s movies and music... these things are still popular among a lot of people because they have a certain feel and atmosphere that resonates with people. the way music and movies were made back then was completely different from today.

and the same is true for games. games today aren't made like the ones on PS1 anymore.
those games were simpler and straight to the point because you couldn't do as much with 3D graphics yet, and some people like that... me included.

I had more fun playing Bloodborne PSX than I had with a lot of modern games due to all the reasons I layed out.


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Happy to finally show off an unfinished WIP of a boss fight from campaign mode, the final part of Bloodborne Kart that requires development (outside of more racers and tracks of course)!

Campaign mode will feature a linear progression of levels with little story cards in between to string them all together. There are three types of levels: Races, battles, and special. The first two are self-explanatory, but special stages offer unique scenarios like this boss fight here!

Winning levels will reward the player with racer and kart unlocks, echoes to level up and insight, the number of which varies depending on player performance. Like Bloodborne PSX before it, collect all insight to unlock something special at the end 😉

And that will be it for today's upload, see you all next time!


They wasted a lot of time and effort on this when they could have made their own game and sold it. Yeah, the recognition but that would have flew for the first game but not two of these in a row.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Micolash is finally ready to show! Not only is he fully playable, but a sizeable amount of work has also been put into his boss fight for campaign mode, where you chase him into dead-ends just like the original game.

I also made the teleport mirrors navigable by the player, opening up a lot more opportunities for gameplay!


This looks fun and wacky. I enjoyed bloodborne but I’m not rabid about it. I’m glad there are people out there that love the game enough to make something quirky and fun with it.
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