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The Biggest Unknown: Unannounced 3rd Party Games


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Let's take a quick look at what some studios are working on

This post isn’t for covering all the unannounced big game franchises everyone knows are in development like Gears or Assassins Creed

Avalanche Games is just coming off their open world dino sandbox shooter and is now working on a new unannounced project that they are hiring an Xbox Specialist for, job listing here.
There are some other clues that they may be pushing toward a larger multiplayer experience in their open world as they are hiring several network and multiplayer focused positions.

Sumo Digital has multiple unannounced titles in development per their many job listings. They specify that one unannounced project is for a franchise with multiple entries, while another project for a new IP is mentioned as well.
The existing franchise is a real wildcard as they’ve developed games for Sega, Playstation and Xbox a number of times in recent history.
They have a big track record for working on racing games and it has been a little while since we’ve seen them use that expertise so that may be one to watch.

Moon Studios has been reported a few times as working on a very different direction than another Ori game.
They’re working on an Sci-fi Action-RPG, reported by Sean Murray here. It will definitely be interesting to see what art style and combat types they weave into this new adventure.
Their previous works did a great job of incorporating some more tradition rpg style elements like progression trees into their platforms, so this could be a natural evolution for the team.

Probably Monsters is a very fast growing, new AAA developer by the former Bungie CEO, Harold Ryan, with three studios working on separate games.
One of the games is a AAA CO-OP RPG as they talked about in their own news release. The other two studios are working on their own games as well, but we haven’t heard much about them other than they will be AAA in scope (which for new studios, may mean waiting for a bit).
This is a big one to watch for Xbox as the studio is located close to their stomping grounds in Bellevue, Washington, so look for Xbox to keep a close eye on the studios.

Embark Studios live service co-op action game per their job listing here and there was an interesting sneak peak on YouTube.
There have also been some industry insiders that claim they are working on another game as well. Embark is a pretty big unknown. They were started by a bunch of industry veterans in 2018 and have been hiring like crazy.
The studio seems to have a large focus on incorporating the biggest new tech innovations that change the way AAA game development is performed, so their project certainly has big potential to surprise us.

People Can Fly is hot off of the new hit title Outriders but their second team has been in development of another big AAA game.
This was announced by their own team here in July 2020. The game was labeled immediately as an action-adventure game, so that’s a bit of a departure from their traditional shooter games.
The team has certainly grown and poached some serious talent to work on the game though, so it’s one to watch!

Playdead Studios is currently working on a 3rd Person Sci-fi game according to job listings on their website.
Playdead is a smaller team of about 50 employees that produced hot titles Inside and Limbo, but this is a new exciting direction for them.

Asobo is coming off back to back hit games with Microsoft Flight Simulator and A Plagues Tale.
That A Plagues Tale team has been expanding for a new project. They haven’t peaked any details yet, but there are lots of rumblings about a big AAA Open world game.

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