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The Alters - All By Myselves | Official Game Trailer | PS5/XBS/PC

The Alters is a base-building survival game driven by life-defining choices and exploring the diverse paths one could take. The inhospitable planet where Jan crash-landed is turning toward a massive sun, causing radiation levels to soar; in this desperate race against time, Jan must harness local Rapidium crystals to create his many versions: the “Alters”.


  • Take the role of Jan Dolski, an everyday man facing impossible odds on a distant planet.
  • Face important choices from the past in order to save yourself in the present.
  • Create new versions of yourself to complete tasks impossible to tackle on your own.
  • Build relationships with the alters and try to influence their decisions.
  • Discover what manner of choices you are willing to make in order to survive.
  • Manage a moving base in order to escape the deadly rays of a rising sun.
  • Utilize the planet’s cycle to mine resources and keep your base running.



Jan Dolski is a simple worker who faces impossible odds. Crash-landing on a distant planet, stranded and alone, he seems trapped with no way out. Jan’s only hope for survival is to employ additional helping hands on board his mobile base… but how? Improvising as he goes, Jan uses the local Rapidium substance to create alternate versions of himself: THE ALTERS.

Have you wondered how your life would change if you chose a different path in the past? Who would you become? Jan Dolski is about to face answers to these questions which makes the predicament he is in even more daunting. Each one of his alters has a different personality and background as his life path is a result of a specific change in Jan’s life.

To return home, Jan must not only get along with his alters but also face some crucial choices he made in the past. The decisions he will make based on that can occasionally put someone’s life at risk. The question is – are you ready to deal with the consequences of these choices?



The planet Jan has landed on is slowly turning its face towards a giant sun. This means that radiation levels can quickly reach a critical level. Survival on this unforgiving planet is a death race, so the base Jan lives in must remain on the move. This, of course, is far easier said than done. The planet is highly inhospitable and filled with many difficult obstacles our Jan will have to overcome.

To move across barren landscapes you need food, fuel, and other precious resources. Luckily, your base is ready to extract them from the surface of the planet. The only problem is that finding these required resources might prove quite challenging… and the time to do so is running out.



More like Moon (2009) the game. Anyway, these are the devs behind Frostpunk and This War of Mine so it should be good.
More like adaptation of Lem's The Seventh Voyage, but with alternative realities instead of time travel. Which can be read there:
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