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Square Enix has demanded the removal of alleged details on the next Tomb Raider "Jawbreaker" that were published last week


Eh, a DMCA takedown request is a DMCA takedown request. In this case it's leaked information which is being used by others to paint some kind of picture about SE's IP that may or may not even be true. A picture meant to be unflattering to them and their IP, no less.

I am not familiar with this Colin Moriarty guy's content (seen the name before) but he kind of comes off like a carnival barker and huckster if his first reaction is to draw attention to the DMCA request rather than treating it like the standard and potentially serious legal issue that it is.

He did take the legal issue seriously first. The first thing he did was speak to Patreon, the S-E lawyers and his own lawyer. They came to an agreement and the Patreon video was edited. After all that was taken care of he made the video to explain what happened with the DMCA. He had Rick Hoeg on as well to explain things from a legal perspective.


LOL ERA turns their brains off and can't discuss this leak because mods the source was "bigoted" and thereby untrustworthy, then it gets DMCA'd because it was 100% real :messenger_tears_of_joy:
ERA thinks everyone and everything that doesn't think exactly like they do is bigoted and evil. Truly pathetic.


They never learn and this probably gonna lead to more attention and credibility. Barbara Streisand again.


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Era are weirdly worried about women showing any form of skin in a computer game. They certainly are a weird bunch and to be honest, when you're that uptight you just know they're into some right weird deviant shit behined closed doors.
All the obese men who pretend to be women over there, get offended at the sight of actual women.
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