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News Trailer Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One I New trailer and informations - Gamescom (PC/PS5/SEX/PS4/ONE)


Jan 21, 2018
Bordeaux, France

As Sherlock, your story is written through the decisions you make in this open-world investigative adventure game. Trickery, violence, and a spirit of deduction will help you achieve your goals.
Not to mention Jon, your mysterious companion and advisor.
Whether you decide to use force to solve problems or to use your wits to stay one step ahead of your enemies, it's up to you to analyze the situations and make decisions accordingly. Refine your detective skills as you progress. It's time to face your past in order to become the legend you are meant to be.

  • Currently in pre-alpha
  • First look at the gameplay in December or January
  • 15 hours straight, 30 to 40 hours for the 100% approximately
  • 5 main quests and over 30 side stories
  • 2021 target release
Antonina Melnykova, lead narrative creator also declares:
"In each main quest, you will also have several suspects, and whether you find the right one or not will depend on how well you act as a detective. You can interpret your clues in a number of ways that can lead to different theories. Some of these theories are easier and more practical than others, but that doesn't mean they are correct. Once you've found your suspect, it doesn't matter if they're the right person, you'll have the opportunity to decide their fate. Justice on the island is a bit twisted and our goal is to avoid black and white morality, so you may want to side with the culprit."

In this island, Sherlock will have a mansion, in which he spent his early years. Abandoned and in an advanced state of disrepair, the building can be restored as you progresses through the purchase of materials. Also, this mansion contains secret rooms that will have to be discovered, where Sherlock can find new outfits, knowing that some of them will have an interest in the gameplay.

Telling the life of a Sherlock Holmes who has been practicing for quite a short time, Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One will let players fight with the detective, although it will not be the primary means of resolving conflicts. Sherlock will indeed be quite agile, will be able to take cover, and use a small handgun and smoke bombs, not to mention the possibility of using the environment:

"The fight takes place only where it is justified by the story. You can't shoot random people on the streets as we don't think it fits the character and you're encouraged to take a non-lethal approach. However, if you get stuck in a shootout or don't have enough time to find an enemy's weakness, it's possible to shoot and kill them. This will have some consequences, for example, it may worsen your relationship with your friend Jon, but we don't want to remove this option and force players to use only one playstyle" says Yaroslav Martyniuk, Senior Feature Designer.