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Rumor: Tom Holland Multi-“Spider-Man” Deal?


Good, MCU needs as many familiar faces sticking around as possible.

Numerous film reporters across several outlets have all claimed that actor Tom Holland has allegedly signed a deal with Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures to return as Spider-Man for multiple new films.
According to said reports, which are a long way from official at present, the deal not only includes a new “Spider-Man” trilogy but appearances in two or three other projects – likely the two upcoming “Avengers” films.


Dude is good as Peter. Just wish he was in a good Spiderman movie for a change.
I think No Way Home set him up for success by resetting the character to zero. But we'll have to see, now that he doesn't have the iron man tech and none of the prestige I think this is a great way to make him the Spiderman were used too.

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Dude wil never age so

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Cool, im looking forward to a spiderman movie without all the high school crap. Was getting tired of the cast as well (besides Peter)
Great as long as his character evolves from just a kid and becomes more of a leader like Tony. We'll see how the shitty current mcu writers are going to treat his character in the upcoming movies.


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Not really keen on this version of peter parker, Spiderman nor the supporting cast so would rather see a different take. Good for hom though i suppose.
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