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Redfall | Review Thread

What score do you think Redfall will get?

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Game Information​

Game Title: Redfall
  • PC (May 2, 2023)
  • Xbox Series X/S (May 2, 2023)
Developer: Arkane Austin
Publisher: Bethesda
Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic - 64 average - 23% recommended - 69 reviews


MetaCritic - 59 average - PC - 25 Reviews


MetaCritic - 63 average - Xbox Series X - 36 Reviews


Critic Reviews​

33bits - Juanma F. Padilla - Spanish - 75 / 100
Redfall will surely not go down in the annals of Arkane Studios great works, nor will it become a console seller. It seems, in fact, a video game typical of more modest companies with errors and lack of optimization more typical of small independent companies. Beyond this, Redfall can give us hours of fun. The setting is attractive and the game can shine at times, even if it doesn't stand out in any particular way.
AltChar - Semir Omerovic - 70 / 100
Despite some obvious flaws, Redfall is still an enjoyable experience even if you don't have a buddy or two to help you out in staking those bloodsuckers in co-op. Arkane once again managed to create an immersive, atmospheric world with their signature environmental storytelling and gameplay.
While Redfall definitely isn't the studio's strongest game to date and can feel a bit undercooked I couldn't put it down as I had a blast wandering around the vampire-infested streets and countryside of this cosy American town.
Attack of the Fanboy - Christian Bognar - 3.5 / 5
In no way is Redfall groundbreaking - but sometimes all a game needs to be is fun to play, and Arkane has created an experience that is a hell of a good time.
Eurogamer - Christian Donlan - Unscored
I'd say there are some good bones here. The tech seems to be creaking and some of the ideas - the loot and other assorted Destinyisms - might possibly have been imposed from above. But this game already has an awful lot of charm, and that's much harder to patch in after the fact.
GGRecon - Dave McAdam - 2 / 5
Redfall tries to bite far more than it can chew and delivers a package with a middling presentation, a lack of interesting mechanics, and some pretty woeful performance.
Despite its issues, and perhaps like its cultists, I want to love it - it just won't love me back.
Hey Poor Player - Shane Boyle - 2 / 5
In all my years of gaming, I struggle to think of ever feeling a sense of disappointment as profound as I do when playing Redfall. Sure, you can increase the fun factor by adding a few buddies into the equation, the varied classes lending themselves well to group play, and there are glimpses of something great when you’re afforded the opportunity to slow down in one of the more tightly scripted missions, but these positives merely serve as momentary distractions from the multitude of issues that plague Arkane Austin’s latest effort. Between the half-baked gameplay loops, repetitive open-world busy work, and shockingly poor optimization, Redfall feels like a title that’s still in alpha, never mind a product that’s supposed to represent a flagship release for Microsoft’s premium subscription service.
MondoXbox - Giuseppe Genga - Italian - 7.3 / 10
Redfall offers satisfying gameplay, with the classic flavor of Arkane games especially when played in co-op thanks to the synergy between the different heroes' powers, but overall it fails to fully convince due to a series of technical problems, dated game design, and an uncompelling plot. Still, it remains a good opportunity for intense online games among friends, hoping that future patches will solve at least part of the problems encountered.
Niche Gamer - Augusto A. - 8 / 10
It still feels a bit unfinished in some aspects, but it has a good amount of content that is bound to have you hooked for 20 hours or so, maybe longer considering how addicted you get to clearing the vampire nests like I did.
PowerUp! - Leo Stevenson - 5 / 10
Redfall is not the second coming of first-party AAA games on Xbox and it was never going to be. It's an average co-op shooter with half-baked ideas that never fully come together. It's fun for a few minutes but it wears thin very quickly. Give it a try on Game Pass but don't expect too much.
Press Start - Brodie Gibbons - 6.5 / 10
Redfall is a gold dust-rare miss for what has been a very consistent deliverer of quality video games. If you are able to look beyond the game's several questionable design choices, Redfall can serve up just a small bite of mindless fun beneath the island's black hole sun.
Saudi Gamer - Arabic - 5 / 10
Redfall may be Arkane's first disappointing game! This is not because the studio moved away from what distinguished it in its previous games, but rather through the game itself as an open-world game that did not offer anything special and did not try to move away from the issues of this type of game that has been criticized in many games since the beginning of the last generation. And on top of that the fact that the game is technically tragic, and it is preferable to wait for a lot of updates to fix its problems, whether from technical issues or wobbly performance.
Seasoned Gaming - Ainsley Bowden - 7 / 10
Redfall's compelling world-building and settings are inhibited by shallow mechanics and a lack of identity.
Stevivor - Steve Wright - 7.5 / 10
Redfall is a truly exciting experience. It's great solo, has the potential to be great with friends -- especially if someone has a save so I can access that last 17 Gamerscore I need, thanks. It’ll be perfect for anyone who's loved an Arkane game -- sci-fi, fantasy or otherwise -- in the past.
VG247 - Jeremy Peel - 3 / 5
An echo of Arkane’s past glories - one in which the studio’s unique voice can still be heard, but more faintly than we’ve come to expect.
VGC - Jordan Oloman - 4 / 5
Redfall is a compelling adventure with killer combat and an atmospheric setting in which you can easily lose a weekend. Even though it feels watered down by Arkane’s systemic standards, it’s an ambitious, primarily successful experiment full of narrative nuance and unique ideas. Hopefully, Redfall’s shakeup of the genre will pave the way for more inspired looter shooters in the future and, selfishly… another immersive simulator?
Wccftech - Alessio Palumbo - Unscored
From my preliminary analysis, it's not a failed experiment by any means, but it's also not entirely successful and likely to be left behind for better fits. Stay tuned for the full verdict.
We Got This Covered - 4.5 / 5
With rich, beautiful open worlds, a multitude of weapons, and a wide variety of enemies to square off against, Redfall amazes. Players won't regret staking their claim on Arkane's latest masterpiece.
WellPlayed - James Wood - 4.5 / 10
A disappointing take on open-world first-person shooters, Redfall has none of the flavour or mechanical finesse that we’ve come to expect from Arkane Studios.
XboxEra - Jesse Norris - 8.5 / 10
Redfall is fantastic in most ways. A few baffling design decisions around its co-op implementation and some frustrating technical issues hold it back. It is fun as hell solo, and ridiculously so in co-op. With a little post-launch support it is going to become something special. This may end up being Arkane’s worst-reviewed title ever, but it is going to be their most successful. Alone or with friends Redfall is a game any fan of the genre should play.
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Im not high on this game. With the smoke billowing that there are a lot of issues, I went 50-60s. I hope I am wrong.


Whoever did the trick on both platforms, it seems that the PC version is vastly superior while the Xbox is a rushed port, i didn't see LOD issues on streams and seems to be optimized.
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first review

This is exactly what I expected from this game. A game doesn't need to reinvent the wheel or even do anything novel to just be. . .fun. What struck me about the NP review was that the reviewer was saying they were just bored (while also lamenting not having strict Objective Markers) which is no good; this reviewer is saying the opposite.

What I am liking about both is that the SP experience is apperantly hard mode and I'm here for that. There's an interview with HARVEY DANGER who basically says SP and MP are two entirely different experiences and this seems like it is really coming through in some playthroughs. I imagine solo players playing this as a straight up "Bullets go in face" affair are going to be quite frustrated with their time with the game.

. . .the PC performance is VERY welcome news though.


I'm not expecting 90+ for it, but 70-80 for a game that looks to have a really well crafted world and atmosphere seems fair given it has a few quirks about it at launch.
You are trying to sound smart yet you are clueless. For starters, Sony does develop their own studios (Team Asobi being the most recent one), but nearly every studio Sony buys out tends to be companies that work so closely with them that they were never on Xbox to begin with. They essentially were funded by Sony with most game projects, so it would make sense at some point to just buy them out. Its a completely opposite situation with Microsoft, which is essentially just sucking up third party studios that never usually made games specifically and only for Microsoft.

I literally said I wasn’t sure. And I wasn’t trying to sound smart, I was being sarcastic, because the post I was replying to was a console warz shit post, which you’ve just confirmed by explaining that Sony doesn’t create the studios, they buy them. Sure, they have Asobi, which was already a part of another studio but they spin off into their own studio, but MS also has their own created studios.

This is getting into too much detail for a response to a shit post but again, thanks for proving my point, not going to respond anymore unless it’s about Redfall or Arkane 👍
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