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Recapped + LCD Modded Game Gear - XRGB Mini Framemeister w/Extras


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Couple things for sale.

First up is a fully recapped, refurbished, and LCD modded (RetroSix Clean screen) Sega Game Gear. Everything is it is brand new. Mint green shell, buttons, button membranes, glass screen. Best way to play Game Gear games.

$250 shipped in the states

Secondly is an XRGB Mini Framemeister. Still one of the best upscalers on the market to get your retro games on your flat screen pixel perfect. Has a couple of extras with it. The original JP-21 input cable has been replaced with a standard Euro scary wired cable. Also has a Sony branded component to D-sub cable to you can run component consoles through it as well. Remote also has the English overlay so it's significantly easier to use.

$300 shipped in the states

Haven't listed anything on here in a bit, but last time I checked I had 100% feedback on the list.

If you have any questions just shoot me a message.

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