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Postal 2 Has New Update 20 Years After Launch


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Recently Postal 2's developer released a new update for the game, including improvements, changes, and additions. Some of the most exciting additions to the game are the new game menu, the new Ludacris difficulty setting, more crosshair customization options, and the new Flipping the Bird feature from Paradise Lost. The developer also added new weapon options like Cat-Silencers and dual-wielding sawn-off shotguns. Another addition worth the mention is the improved Steam Deck compatibility. Now Steam Deck players can enjoy the title on the go.

The developer also added a new Classic mode, allowing players to experience the game closer to what it was on launch retaining all the quality of life improvements added in previous updates. Besides these additions, the developers fixed many bugs hindering players' experience. After this update, players will be able to experience the destruction Postal is known for, something franchise fans got to do on Postal Redux on PS4.

The developer also made significant changes to the game, like restoring the original amount of particles for blood effects, adding a new weapon selector and inventory menu, improving muzzle flash effects, and view models for all weapons. Postal 2 currently has a few hundred players on Steam, but that did not stop developers from releasing this new update, showing the developers' commitment to the series and their followers. A while ago, GOG offered Postal 2 for free, expanding the game's player base by being available on another platform.



I will be honest, I miss read this as portal 2 and was Hella confused why there was a new difficulty and especially the flipping the bird emoji.

I swear, one day, dyslexia will be the end of me.
Don't worry, I did the same. I also questioned how Portal 2 was 20 years old which made me think it came out when I was 12 (it didn't).


I cry about SonyGaf from my chair in Redmond, WA
Wished they remastered this or made a true sequel instead of that shit we got.


honest question... how the fuck does Running with Scissors still exist as a company? what's their revenue stream?
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