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Phil Spencer: Xbox Has Been Growing in Asia, Half of Sales Have Gone to First-Time Xbox Owners, largely because of Series S

"This generation, we're welcoming more new console players to Xbox than ever before in Asia, largely because of Series S, where more than half of sales have gone to first-time, Xbox owners," said Spencer.

"Players can enjoy great quality games across all genres, including games on console PC, or cloud, and new titles from Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda the same day they launch with Game Pass.

"But it's not just about the here and now. We are building the gaming and content platform for the next 20 years. We want to continue making Xbox the best value in gaming. We've worked hard to make sure our games are available however you want to play. Choice is core to our vision."

I though given the flak the Xbox Series S causes on here with many people this was something important to point out.

Regardless of the opinion on the Series S, or whether it's needed, to weak, or other claims, I don't think it's no longer deniable to say that the Xbox Series S was a good idea. It was clearly very smart on Microsofts part.

This increase in Asia is due to the affordability, small size, and the instant access to hundreds of free games with subscription with gamepass. With consoles more expensive than ever, one of which had a price hike in the region, the Xbox Series S is looking less and less of a questionable decision, and more and more like a great long-term plan.

Sure, in japan specifically, the Xbox Series X isn't too far behind the Series S in sales, however without the S the Xbox wouldn't have sold half as much their or in Asia in general. This holiday we'll see if it'll sustain it's momentum despite it's specs outside of Japan. I have a feeling that with free months of gamepass and a gift card, and possibly a price cut, the S will be the preferred SKU for many people despite it being less than half as strong as it's brother. After all people are playing on Steam Deck below 4k and the Sony Xperia dock only outputs in 1080p, so 1080p isn't really a hindrance to next generation gaming as people though it would. People said it would be a fad because of price but the powerful consoles would take over, but with the economy how it is, I think that was the wrong bed and it's been proven wrong in Asia so far.

Of course Xbox isn't going to beat PS there, they still don't have the retail presence or enough local games to pull that off, but XBS consoles may get to the 360 sales figures and I'd say in this climate that would be impressive.
Series S is a great little console and best thing of all is its readily available.

Have owned one and hopping between games is the best thing ever. Then there's the fact you don't get a peep out of it running the most demanding games.

It's a winner. Happy to see its doing well for Xbox.
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