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Nintendo Becomes the Latest Gaming Giant to Stop Sales in Russia


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Nintendo has halted all shipments to Russia for the "foreseeable future", but stopped short of publicly supporting Ukraine.

In a statement provided to IGN, the gaming giant said the rapidly changing circumstances around exporting and selling its products in Russia forced the move, meaning it's not doing so explicitly in support of Ukraine, as many other companies have.

Asked by IGN if the company would be providing a message of support for Ukraine, a Nintendo spokesperson provided the following message: “We would like to express our concern for all those affected by the conflict”.

Nintendo told IGN: "We have decided to suspend shipping all Nintendo products to Russia for the foreseeable future. This is due to considerable volatility surrounding the logistics of shipping and distributing physical goods."

I bet you Russia is one of those markets where the grey market is bigger than the regular one.
We may see the return of the Dendy come from this.
Well, isn't the president of Nintendo Russia a huge asshole?
Apparently yes:

-> https://kanobu.ru/articles/stress-a...ak-up-about-their-time-at-the-company-372886/

If they didn't fire him since.

EDIT: Annnnd, they didn't:

-> https://www.linkedin.com/in/yashahaddaji/

To be honest, Nintendo's response to this issue has been too neutral, I'm sure they only halted sales due to credit cards not being accepted on their online service as explained a few days before (and given as the official reason even) and the fact they can't ship any stock into Russia.

Some companies have the benefit of the doubt in taking those decisions due to being pre-emptive or publicly speaking against the issue and taking the good side but Nintendo has been quite clear in between the lines that they don't care and would do business as usual. That's a tone deaf response, and it isn't good enough, they should get called out for it. This is not a company that needs money at any cost (let alone, Russian Money) nor does it have a big percentage of sales there making it a huge profit hit, so there is no justification other than the fact they love money and lack a pair of balls.
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Russian people will have to read books and watch films for entertainment, in a way this could be making Russia stronger.

Or the black market and piracy will just increase.


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While I support all of this in order to make it more likely for Russia to stop this madness, if it doesn't then I'm not sure Russia becoming even more insular in the long term is a good thing.
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