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Next Call of Duty will be in WWII setting


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Oct 26, 2018
I honestly thought they did a good job building up to it with Blops 2, Blops 3, and Advanced Warfare, but for some reason the minute it hit space and lasers people were out.
Which in my opinion was the wrong attitude for gamers. As you said, if you followed these games from day one, Id say their progression was spot on and IMO Infinite Warefare deserverd its own trilogy like BLOPS and MW. It was a natural move forward for the franchise and dont even get me started that Infinite Warefare campaign is arguably better if not the best COD campaign. And its not like they went SO far into the future...there were no aliens or monsters, it was just a new war for humans who will own the skies. That is actually something we could expect in real life in maybe 30 years or so. COD WW2 came out due to backlash and was sooooooo boring, there was literally nothing left to say, any event they try to cover nowadays, they already did the best ones ages ago, pretending there was never a symbol called Swastika. I would def not complain if one day COD went even further into the future aka HALO world. It gives writers to flex and make up a new cool story, not cover real life events that every book, tv show, movie, cartoon etc covered 20 times over. Imagine playing COD WW2 themed for 20 years....what the hell.
I get what you guys are saying. And Activision with 3 studios making games, a balanced approach would be one old ass game (WWII), one modern-ish game (MW/BO), and one futuristic game with lasers.

The thing is, the franchise has grassroots in WWII and edged up with modern settings with some futuristic stuff like BO wall running. But it seems the trend for the user base is that's as far as it goes. If people want spaceships and teleport pads, they'll play Halo or some sci-fi game. And WWII games like World at War and COD WWII didn't do great compared to MW/BO so it shows even the legacy fans wane on WWII where the giant mass of gamers seem to stick to tweaks to MW/BO.

Having a series like COD of BF change setting and do aliens and disintegration rays can always be made, but the theme just seems too different. That would be like Halo dumbing down to total boots on the ground gameplay where there were no spaceships, no laser swords, no regen shields, no 15 ft jumps in the air and no quirky needler guns. An era where it wasn't too techie yet and soldiers and enemies were still using mechanical guns and shitty metal armour and that's it. It would be too different.

Then again, maybe some people want that. It would be like prequel or Batman Year One kind of thing when things are rough.
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Jan 24, 2015
They should rename it to 1939 the date the second ww started. and the amount of GB you need to install this fucking game.
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