Nefarious Goings on in GTA V Online


Recently discovered GTA V online for PS4. Having a good but challenging time setting up the Diamond Casino heist and doing all sorts of fun jobs.

Then I got scammed/pwned/sucker punched etc by what looks like a really clever glitch exploit.

It's on the 4 player prisoner escape job whose name I've forgotten. 3 of you have to drive to an airfield and have a gun fight. The 4th person flies a plane.

Once the mission completes and you're given your $7k-ish reward you're all transported back to the main free play game hub at the airport when this happens:

1. Your mission colleagues kill you and your cash reward disappears.

2. When you reappear and try to kill
them back they are then somehow able to vote you out of the session as a bad egg even though the mission is over and you are now in the main world hub in freeplay.

3. Rockstar online then issues you with a warning for bad behaviour and threatens to ban you if you don't start behaving.

Pretty comprehensive and nasty way to smack down another player.

Has anyone else experienced this exploit or any others? I couldn't see a community thread on GTA V Online otherwise I would have posted there. MODS feel free to move the post to that thread and close this one if it exists.
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Some people can indeed be bastards. If the lobby is small enough it doesn't take many to vote someone out.
Not exactly the same but I've been minding my own business flying about and had the bad behaviour message and been told I'd be kicked after my mission ended. In my case pretty sure they just wanted the emptyish lobby. Don't worry too much about a ban.

Avoid this by not flying solo - grab a buddy if you can for a better overall time.
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