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Naruto (Boruto): Ultimate Ninja Storm 5?

Karmic Raze

If you can’t tell already by my avatar, I am a huge Naruto fanboy and I have been since the series debuted back in the early 2000s. It’s my favorite anime of all-time and the Ultimate Ninja Storm series is my also my favorite anime game series to date. I haven’t got to play Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles in an extended way yet, but it’s next up in my backlog and I am looking forward to it because of what CyberConnect2 can do with a game. I tried it out briefly and while it is a LOT different from Naruto, I like it. I just have to adjust to the new game. Anyways, I had recently read a report that a reliable source from Japan said that Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 5 (which might and probably will be called Boruto or Naruto x Boruto by this point) is in development and has been for the past year. It is supposed to be revealed sometime soon, and being a Naruto-tard, I am REALLY excited about this news. I couldn’t find anything by the search on this discussion, so I figured I’d start it out and see if anyone else had heard the same report about Storm 5 and if anyone else was pumped for it.

Let’s hear your thoughts, guys. I can’t be the only fan of Naruto and the Ultimate Ninja Storm games here, so shout it out to the rooftops! Or at least discuss! :messenger_beaming:
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Boruto anime is 95% filler and it's horrible. Only the canon episodes are good, but a game would consider all the filler so it would suck. I don't know why they decided to make an anime so soon with just filler (and bad, like almost all Naruto filler) and I also don't know why they decided to release the manga monthly instead of weekly. It's taking forever, to reach anywhere in the story.

I wouldn't be excited for a Boruto game due to the above, but the games are good and fun as fighting games. I wonder how an Arc System Naruto game would be, but CyberConnect2 have done a great job with them. I loved 2 mostly.


Graphics were insane and better than some episodes of the show. Still, its a mediocre brawler which its best quality is watching the Ultimate Attacks on a youtube compilation. A decent buy at 10 bucks. It will comeback to steal the wallets of people that prefer pretty images over actual gameplay.
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I played Clash of Ninja 2 on GameCube, so I haven’t exactly kept up. I am not exactly a huge fan, but I did enjoy the first season of the Naruto anime. In regards to Cyberconnect2, I’ve played Asura’s Wrath and the .hack series. The last game I played from them was JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle and I found the controls to be very odd. It’s nothing like the Capcom fighter from the late 90’s. I just didn’t feel comfortable with the controls and character move-sets. It feels either too simplified with one button combos or it feels heavy due to not enough free flowing commands. They have nice animation to their games. I don’t know how I’d feel as a hardcore fan though. My Naruto was/is DBZ. It was long, it had a large cast, and the games added a lot to being a fan.
I liked how they went all out for UNS 1 and 2's campaigns with fully explorable environments. A part of me hopes they go back to that style of campaign if UNS 5 ever happens, but I'm guessing they only went that far in the first place because those two really good Ubisoft games were their competition. A game involving Boruto could be nice if it had a ton of campaign areas to explore because they definitely go exploring in the show. It needs to be done right though. Maybe add friend relationship building, school exercises, and dialogue choices in it to be a mix of Persona, Bully, and UNS 1/2. What I'm describing is a dream game though. Maybe the old Cyberconnect who made the Dot Hack series would have done something that expansive. 2020s Cyberconnect I'm just not sure.
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